Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Itching to start working out again

The end is in sight for me! The end of my varying hours full-time job is in sight.

I ran 3 miles the other day (first time working out in months!) and felt pretty good. It was the first time since pregnancy/delivering that I didn't feel like my body wasn't my own. I have no clue what pace I was running at but at least I was running. I do know that I absolutely cannot run faster than what I was running at. My body only has 1 speed right now.

My "new gym" opens the day after Christmas and comes complete with a super-duper daycare! I have no excuses now. Lately, Emmett has hollered his little head off whenever I try to do P90x. And, it's been a little too cold to take him outside running. (or maybe I'm just overprotective).

I'm really fired up to get back in the groove. Not only will I be able to work out during the day, but I can also work out at night at my job (teaching people how to be personal trainers.) Pretty much, I can just think about fitness all day long, haha. I'm also thinking the more time Emmett and I can stay out of the house, the less dirty it will be!

I am tentatively planning a half marathon in April!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I don't know if I can do this...

I'm having a sudden panic about quitting my job. What's done is done....I can't "un-quit" this job and frankly, I don't want to (it was time for a career change anyway). But I'm freaking out about being able to do "this". The stay-at-home Mom thing. It's just not a natural fit for me. But I feel so incredibly guilty about putting Emmett in daycare. I feel like the amount of hours he has to be there for me to work full-time is unacceptable (I don't mind the actual daycare concept too much...just the hours) But then I feel guilty about dumping my education down the tubes and just walking away from any type of a career.

Eric reminds me I can't have it all. But I want it all. Why is it too much to ask that I can find a challenging and professional career working less than 40 hours a week? Yes, part-time would be ideal. No, I don't want to work retail or fast-food. My current prospect is to transition to the medical field. But then I feel kinda silly to go to school for 5 more years only to hope to work part-time hours.

The internet is sometimes less than helpful. I googled "ivy league stay at home mom" hoping to find some brillant plan...some woman who has gone before me that has it all figured out with the mom/career conflict. Instead, I found this:http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/20/national/20women.html
An article about how some women in Ivy League schools plan all along to be stay at home Moms. I'm sorry, but that was NOT the plan for me. I will venture to say I could have gone somewhere else and saved a lot of $$ if I did not plan to partake in the workforce.

Stay at Home Moms, don't hate me quite yet.....I WANT to be a stay-at-home mom. And by that, I WANT it to be a great fit for me and I WANT to be really happy and fulfilled doing it. If I could wave a magic wand, I wish I could do it. Being a Stay At Home is a tough, tough job. And it's a very different job from the competitive, career oriented world. And, unfortunately for me, I just have this feeling (OK, I'm lying...I am 99% sure) that I will not enjoy being a Stay at Home Mom. But I love my son. And I don't like our daycare situation. And so I will tackle the Stay at Home Mom job much like other things in my life. I will jump in with two feet and throw myself wildly into occupation.

Bad Luck

Emmett has a "Bad Luck" shirt, I'm sure of it. I don't believe in luck myself so I have tried many times to test my theory of his Bad Luck shirt out. The shirt is plain and unsuspecting...a long sleeve onsie from Old Navy. It's navy blue and I love when Emmett wears it because it shows off his eyes and hair. And yet...he never seems to wear it for very long. The poor shirt has weathered too many diaper blowouts to count and numerous projectile vomiting sessions. I have never washed a shirt as often as that one (espeically considering, we rarely get out of the house with it.)

Consider the other day. Emmett had already had an "emergency" bath earlier in the morning (yes, you know what I mean.) So I thought we were safe. What a perfect day for him to wear his cute little navy blue shirt from Old Navy. I dressed him up and cooed sufficiently over him. Then I took him to daycare. And then I had to immediately change him when we got to daycare. The damn shirt wins again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emmett update

16 lbs of lovin' over here! Emmett is exactly 4 months and getting chunkier by the day. He is rolling over all the time now and insists on sleeping with face planted on the mattress (yes, pretty much sleeping ON his nose.) The Exersaucer is still his favorite toy. He has started to actually make it bounce up and down and can also walk all around the toy bar (the seat swivels.)

Unfortunately, he still isn't really sleeping through the night for me. However, when I work night shifts and Dad takes care of him, he always sleeps through the night. Clearly, babies are too smart for their own good. He is still nursing like a champ and I still hate pumping at work.

We are 35 days out from my very last shift with the military. I still have no clue as to what I'm going to do next. I fluctuate wildly between entertaining being a stay-at-home mom and then being convinced I may lose my mind doing it. I have a few job prospects on the table. But, I change my mind everyday. Ideally, I think I would stay home with Emmett until he is one (and also weaned). But, one of the jobs wants to hire in January and will not have openings in the summer. I like working but hate putting my kid in daycare....there are no easy solutions to this puzzle.

One sick baby

Yesterday, we faced a decision point that many working parents have to face. The kid is sick, daycare is sending him home, but both of us have to work...what do you do? I hate that in these situations, the work force seems especially unfriendly to working parents. I understand the daycare's position...who wants a sick kid infecting the rest of them? But, if the parent HAS to work, where else is the kid really supposed to go (assuming it's not severe enough to call emergency contacts). So Eric and I had to compare our jobs on the phone...whose job is more important today? Whose boss is less likely to be pissed off? I literally couldn't leave my job. I had to be in position and we didn't have any extra people to call in that day. Eric was relieving a guy who had been working all night. We eventually decided to send Eric to pick up Emmett...the guy who was working all night in Eric's shop just had to stay and work all day (Terrible!). I feel frustrated because, specifically talking about the military, I think they assume one spouse stays at home. Everyone likes to point out to me "don't worry, you are getting out of the service soon". And while I understand that may "fix" the Buss family problem, it doesn't change the larger issue.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A time of reflection...

For those of you who may have missed it, October 15 was Pregnancy and Infant Loss memorial day. In this midst of this year's Halloween festivities, I take the time to reflect where I've been and where I am now. As I dressed my son in a cuddly fleece bear outfit, I can't help but feel awed at how far we have come and how, gradually, I have reconstructed one of my worst months into a month that can simply exist like all of the other 11 months.

Two years ago, on Halloween, I was laying on the couch in our living room, recovering from a D&C after our second miscarriage. Though all miscarriages are tough, this one was especially hard for Eric and I because we had two "good" ultrasounds on this pregnancy before the miscarriage. Somehow, the pregnancy is a little more real when you see that heartbeat flickering away....and hurts so much worse when you lose it. I also had a terrible experience with the D&C and I struggled to recover physically. I remember Eric desperately trying to cheer me up. When I told him it would be OK to turn our porch light on and pass out candy, Eric rushed to Walmart and came back with at least $100 worth of candy! Somehow, he hoped that he could make things better by wildy embracing the holiday. In between the approximately 5 trick or treaters we got that year (our house was in a new neighborhood and was the only house on the street), Eric tried everything to make me smile. At one point, I told him to leave me alone and "go snort a pixie stick". I couldn't help but laugh when he ended up choking and tearing up with blue powder snotting out of his nose....

Despite the pixie stick snort, I hated October and despised Halloween. What was formerly a drunken costume-fest to me, now became associated with a much darker meaning. For some reason, even 2 years later, I look at that particular October/Halloween as a significant turning point in my life, both personally and professionally. There was the "Before October" and the "After October" and the two sides of the coin couldn't be more different. That October marked the beginning of a fairly long period of dark, dark grief. Almost 2 years later, those months are largely lost to me.

In the midst of our grief over our second loss, I think Eric and I realized how badly we did want a child. It was a painful reality to have to at least consider the alternate possibility, that we wouldn't succesfully carry a child to term. For quite a while after that second loss, I was also unsure of my ability to even chance another pregnancy (and therefore chance another loss). I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to piece myself back to together again.

A year ago, just before Halloween, I finally got another positive pregnancy test. I was pregnant for the third time. This positive pregnancy test was almost a year in coming (and felt like 10 years coming!) I had just about given up...I spent 2009 visiting quite a few doctors and finding few satisfactory answers. I remember staring at the test in disbelief. I didn't tell Eric right away. Part of me wanted to protect him and his emotions if we lost this pregnancy as well. When you have trouble getting pregnant/staying pregnant, a positive pregnancy test is not something to wildly celebrate, rather it's just a tiny, tiny step in the direction you want to go.

I finally put the positive pregnancy test and a bib that says "I love Daddy" into a Halloween goody bag. Eric opened it on Halloween. I remember it was so startling to have a positive pregnancy test and a ray of hope exactly a year after my darkest day. Even with a positive pregnancy test, last fall was an emotional one. Once you have experienced miscarriages, it's all too real how fragile early pregnancy is. Both of us protected our hearts as best we could. We didn't make any plans, we didn't buy anything for baby. Everyday, I expected the worst so that when the worst didn't happen, it was a good day.

I feel like we have made a full circle on this Halloween. In the midst of the candy and decorations and scary costumes and festivities, I felt a fleeting moment of sadness...a moment of acknowledgement to our losses and the losses of others. My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss and I hope my blog says to you "hey, you aren't alone". But, on the other side of grief, there is also hope...in my case, in the form of a cuddly little boy/bear and his first Halloween.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back in the game again

It never fails to amaze me how painful P90X can be!!

This is attempt #538 to get back into some sort of workout routine. And the the key word in that sentence is routine...

WeightWatchers is a bust right now. It's honestly one step too many right now to write down everything I eat PLUS do the shopping to have healthy food in the house. I feel like I'm barely surviving day to day and am lucky to eat something on the run in between work, homework and the demands of an infant.

Also, my milk supply took a serious hit last week. There's no way to pinpoint what caused it because there are so many factors. I was working night shifts and didn't get more than a few hours of sleep a day, I defintely wasn't eating well/enough and not drinking enough water. Plus I was stressed trying to get my assignments turned in. Whatever the cause, it freaked me out a little bit and I was nervous to cut any calories...I think Weight Watchers will sit on the backburner for a few months. It's just so important to me to exclusively breastfeed Emmett, but it's definitely not easy.

I think that I will feel pretty good about myself if I can workout once per day even if I don't worry too much about diet right now (and make sure to eat tons of calories). I ran 3 miles yesterday with Eric and felt pretty good. My body still feels like not my own when I run. I feel like I have to concentrate on moving my arms and legs. Plus, there is still some bounce and jiggle I'm not used too (I blame my back pain and knee pain on the extra weight).

Today, I tackled P90x in hopes to get some core muscle strength back and help my running progress. P90x predictably kicked my butt. I'm doing P90X Lean as I doubt my body is physically ready for the traditional version yet. I'm so wobbly. My balance is shot after pregnancy and my core is trashed. I shake all over when I do basic exercises like squats.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm drowning in homework. Trying not to be too much of a dirt bag at work. And Emmett quit sleeping.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Runner, heal thyself

Almost overnight, I can run again! I ran 4 miles the other day with Emmett in his BOB. The weather here was amazing and it was so nice to run around the lake. I averaged 10 mins/mile pushing the stroller...not too shabby.

Thank goodness I did all the walking I did, because when my body was ready, I literally just jumped back into it (4 miles). I was a little stiff the next day but nothing too bad. As it stands, I have only been able to work out about once every three days (juggling work, baby and school). But I don't think that's a bad thing while my body gets back into shape. I think my tailbone is healed although it still bothers me when I work a 12 hour shift. I'm going to see a physical therapist soon for the other damage (which has improved too.) Honestly, I have resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to get back into shape or run much more than 5 miles before December when I quit my job. Life is just a little crazy.

I have dropped 1 pants size despite eating junk for the past two weeks. Sorry Weight Watchers. I haven't been able to make any of the meetings as my hours are crazy. Also, weird hours = weird food in the middle of the night. Really, am I'm going to eat a salad at 3am? No. I think running around like a crazy person is as effective as counting every morsel of food that goes into my mouth. I'm still hovering about 11 lbs over pre-preg weight. I never thought it would be this tough.

In Baby news, Emmett is a rock star sleeper!!! He slept for 8 1/2 hours straight last night. I love my boy. He continues to be really easy going. He smiles and laughs and screams a lot (joyful screaming). He is holding his head up really well and likes to stand. He sucks at tummy time...oh well, can't have it all.

So far, I have been able to keep up with my little eater's demands. When I worked 12 hours on Sunday, the kid ate 15 ounces with his dad!! That's a lot!! But I pumped 16 ounces at work. So I won...but barely. Pumping is not so fun and sometimes it's hard for me to fit in all the pumps I need to at work. But I have this "thing" about giving Emmett exclusively my milk. I think it helps alleviate the guilt I feel about putting him in daycare. It's like I can "prove" my love to him by pumping or something...haha. Also, there's a sort of challenge to pumping. It's not easy and therefore it's like a competitive thing (with myself) to see if I can do it.

As much as I hate pumping, I love breastfeeding (and never thought I would.) It's super easy, clean, and portable. When I'm home with Emmett, I never have to wash bottles. I never have to worry when I'm out and about with him if I brought enough milk. He doesn't get milk all over his outfits (like he does with the bottle). Oh, did I mention I never have to wash bottles? haha.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I'm practicing for my new job

I'm at home today with my little one. I finally got certified in my job and have started my crazy rotating shift schedule. The good news is that I have random days off during the week like today. The downside is I'm working 12 hour shifts starting this weekend (and some night shifts too.) I predict I may lose my mind in the next 3 months...but this is only temporary. Nothing bad will happen in 3 months if we wear dirty clothes and eat french fries everyday.

It's a good thing I'm home today because I have to train to be a stay-at-home mom. I just hope my husband will "hire" me in a few months when I quit my job. I'm not sure I have enough experience though... I wonder if there will be some sort of certification test before I'm hired full time. Maybe I will have to demonstrate how to operate the washer and dryer and dishwasher. I may have to construct a shopping list and execute grocery shopping. The most difficult task will be cooking a meal that was not originally frozen. You may laugh, but I'm TERRIBLE at all the above tasks. Eric and I joke that we both suspect the "wrong person" is quitting their job to stay with Emmett. Eric excells at household tasks while I'm a miserable failure.

Baby news: Emmett is a rock star at daycare. I'm secretly pleased that everyone at daycare loves him and thinks he's cute. Maybe his teachers will give him a few extra cuddles. We had a minor bump in the road this week. Emmett got a cold from his first week in daycare. The cold wouldn't have been a big deal except then he went on bottle strike because he didn't feel very well. I let Dad fight that one out....Dad finally won, thank goodness.

Big news: I fit into my pre-pregnany jeans for the first time!!!
Bad news: The jeans appear to be painted on me and definitely accentuate my muffin top. I will need to chose strategic tops to wear with the jeans.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ok, Ok...I take it back

Metro community college.....I apologize that I ever laughed in your general direction or made fun of any community college at any time...ever. You are kicking my arse. I have been doing homework for 12 straight hours today. I believe that is more than I ever studied in either my undergrad or for my masters (except for that one time when I wrote a 20 page paper in one day).

For Christmas, I would like a Metropolitan Community College T-shirt. Respect.

I would also like to pass on some general advice to anyone that cares. Working full time + taking classes + caring for an infant + pumping in off time to feed said infant is a little ambitious. To accomplish this feat, I have made several sacrifices. 1) I have given up working out 2) I have given up Weight Watchers (for this week) and have lived almost entirely on french fries 3) I have given up cleaning the house and 4) I have given up sleep.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2 of Weight Watchers

Day 1 of Weight Watchers was a total bust...oops. Who knew that a personal pan cheese pizza from Pizza Hut was 17 pts? No wonder I have been gaining weight! I even get an extra 10 pts a day for breastfeeding and I still busted!

So, on to Day 2 of Weight Watchers. My usual Peanut butter and jelly sandwich added up to 10 pts but it's early and I can curb my dinner a little bit.

I'm really excited to do this program. I went to my first meeting yesterday. My sis previously loaned me Season 5 of Sex and the City for inspiration. Miranda has just had her baby and goes to Weight Watchers. I was slightly disappointed in the episode because all she does is pick up a guy, eat Krispy Kream donuts and have sex for activity points. I was at least expecting some sort of follow up to tell viewers if she made her points for the day.

Although I love the idea of going to a meeting once a week to weigh in, the discussions are a little creepy. People go on and on about whatever dessert or bad thing they ate that week. When someone brings up cheesecake, the group is required to collectively moan at the thought of it. Moaning aside, the meetings are great in offering substitution ideas. For instance, I can probably switch my bread and peanut butter and cut quite a few calories/points from my peanut butter and jelly.

I have 20 lbs to lose (yes, if you followed my blog I managed to gain 4 lbs in the last few weeks.) I hope to do it over 4-5 months. It's definitely hard balancing the breastfeeding and weight loss as I have to be really careful not to affect my supply. So, slow and steady wins the race.

Big news!!! I walked 4 miles today and managed to run a few steps continuously for the first time!!! No, this is not a return to running. I literally ran about 10 seconds. But, it's certainly an improvement. My tailbone was sore and felt wierd but nothing hurt "too badly".

Sunday, August 29, 2010

7.5 weeks of Emmett

Emmett is a pretty cool kid. I can't believe how much he has grown up already. In the last 2 weeks, he has suddenly transformed from an inert blob that eats, sleeps and poops to an interactive baby who eats, sleeps and poops. Emmett is "talking" a lot and smiling and laughing. He loves the song "Baby Beluga"...it always wins smiles and laughs. Emmett also loves to stand up...the kid has some strong legs! He is growing bigger by the day. He is a fairly long kid...he wears 3 month clothes because of the length but they are still a little loose on him. However, he has a really skinny butt and legs so he can only fit newborn pants. Of course the newborn pants look like ridiculous high-waters on him....so mostly he just hangs out in his onesie.

Emmett's new best friends are ceiling fans. He loves them and stares at them and talks to them.

I'm sad to see my baby's beautiful dark hair slowly recede and fall out! I wonder what color his "next" hair will be.

We just got back from a vacation to North Carolina. Emmett did great on the planes. On the way there, I tried to time it and nurse him during take offs and landings but discovered it didn't really matter...he didn't seem bothered by the pressure changes. He pretty much slept the whole flight.

This is my last week of maternity leave! So sad. I have to become a pumping machine this week so I can get ahead of the power curve and store up enough milk for him while I'm away. My supply has been good so I think I can do this! (Make enough milk so Emmett can eat without supplementing with formula.) Luckily, I'm only working for 3 1/2 months before I quit my job. But, if you know me, you know I can't sit still....so I'm already planning my next career move. I'm thinking of taking my G.I. Bill and trying for nursing school. There are a few accelerated programs in our area that I could complete in 1 year (BSN).

My first day of Weight Watchers is tomorrow! Eric went out to get what he is calling my "Last Supper" of pizza. I also plan to tackle P90x tomorrow...at least the parts I can do of it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

So it's officially a blog about NOT running

At least it's not all in my head. It's confirmed. This will be a blog about NOT running for a long time. To put it bluntly, my 93rd percentile-headed child did some major damage on his mom. The tailbone (and yes, the tailbone is busted) is the least of my worries. The kid has left his mark on my lady bits in ways I didn't even know possible. (Word to the wise....don't push for 4 hours during labor. That's more than a marathon worth of pushing and I believe that was about 3 hours too many for me.)

Even though I'm really proud that Emmett is happy and healthy, I'm not really happy that his delivery has taken away 2 loves of my life: running and jumping on a trampoline (at least for a while.)

The assessment is this....I can stand up, but not for very long before I start to hurt. I'm allowed to walk/power walk but walking starts to ache after a few miles. I'm allowed to lift weights, but not power lifting stuff. I can't do anything with a jarring motion. Even riding in the car on a bumpy road is a little much right now.

I have to get a new plan in life. For the first time in my life, I have to seriously consider other sports and ways to workout. And I'm so lost! I think I can swim....maybe bike. I can't do the elliptical but maybe I can handle yoga??? I have to create a new "non-running" identity.

I'm still 16 lbs up from pre-baby weight. Because I'm so limited on physical activity, I'm going to have to watch what I eat (which I have never done.) I'm joining Weight Watchers in a few weeks. I also finally broke down and bought new clothes in a size 8 (3 sizes up). I was living in running shorts and tank tops. I figured if it was going to take me a while to find my pre-pregnancy body, I might as well look put-together while I was doing it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

no running news

Thursday = 4 miles
Friday = 4.75 miles, squats, pushups
Today = 4.3 miles

All walking. I tried to run 1 step to see how it felt....yeah, feels like my insides are falling out. Joy. I'll be lucky to run by next year.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baring it all....the 3 1/2 week post partum belly

I decided I had to be honest with myself. The baby weight is not going to come off by eating double stuff oreos and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Oops. So I have renewed my commitment to trimming the baby weight.

Here's the belly! (3 1/2 weeks post-partum....still 16 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight. I say "still" because I was this weight when I left the hospital.)

I walked 4.75 miles this morning with Emmett, Charley and the BOB (got a pic of that one too!). We left at 9 am but it was ridiculously hot. Clearly, I'm a bad mom...but I think it was a little too hot for baby as well (yes, he is shaded the whole time.) It pains me to say that we will have to get up earlier to beat this heat.

Walk went well. My tailbone pain is minimal. But, I can tell I'm still a LONG way from running. Hopefully I will be able to do some ab work and arm exercises later today.

Friday, July 30, 2010

All about Emmett

Today: walked 4.5 miles!

We interrupt this reguarly scheduled broadcast on whining about not running to update you on Emmett.

Emmett is 3 weeks old! Even though it's only be 3 weeks, I feel like he has lived with us forever. Emmett continues to be a very easy going baby. He is definitely hitting his 3 week growth spurt and has been cluster feeding like a champ, but I think that's harder on me than on him. Yesterday, I felt like I had a leech on my body. But, I can't complain...even though he's hungry all the time right now, my body is keeping up with his demand and he latches well. We have mastered the breastfeeding in public too which is usually a big hurdle. (I think it helps when you are not a modest person. Heck, I used to run 10K races in underwear. Well, OK, I may have done a few naked runs in college as well.) So, I don't really care about feeding my kid wherever....I use the nursing cover more for other people's comfort.

The little tyke has been sleeping well (except for these last 2 nights). Normally, we just swaddle him and toss him in bed and he's good to go. He's been a little fussy for the past 2 nights, but again, nothing too killer. We can usually get him settled down within the hour. The kid is definitely used to lots of motion (courtesy of all my pregnant running.) He settles down right away if you walk with him or he rides in the stroller/car.

Emmett is porking up like a champ. I am a little concerned about his double chin......(kidding!)

Emmett was quite the little soccer player when he was in my tummy...and he continues to thrash his legs now. Most newborns stay curled up when they are sleeping or hanging out...but Emmett always stretches his legs all the way out. And he likes to be upright, even though he has zero head control.

Emmett is still rocking out newborn size diapers and newborn clothes. He really is too tall for his newborn outfits, but not quite fat enough for 0-3 months clothes. I think he will be able to wear them in a few more weeks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huge milestone!!!

I have been walking almost every day, probably averaging a mile to 2 miles. Well, today, I went 3 miles!!! This is a huge victory for me. I feel almost like a normal person walking around. Almost.

I took Emmett in his BOB and Charley on her leash. Emmett loves the stroller and falls asleep right away in it...at least I am gifted that small pleasure for all the running I did when he was in my tummy. It will still be a long, long time before I can run...but for now, I am thankful I can walk some amount of mileage. My tailbone still feels sore, but it is much better than last week. I am concluding that I did NOT break it (which is reassuring).

I did all the post-partum ab exercises from Dr. Oz's "You Having a Baby" book. Despite the fact that I'm not losing weight, my stomach is getting flatter. Still holding strong at 13lbs over pre-pregnancy weight.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't let it get to your head

I feel vindicated in my complaining about my long, painful recovery. Today, at Emmett's 2 week checkup, the doctor confirmed that his head is in the 93 percentile!! (Height and weight are very average). So, yes, the kid has a HUGE head....15.5 inches to be exact. That explains so much...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Small victory

I made it 3 times around the block today! This is the first time I haven't feel crazy pain when walking. I still feel sore in my pelvis area...especially in/around the tailbone. But the soreness is not too bad. My legs still aren't quite moving the way they usually do...maybe my pelvis is still stretched out or out of whack?

Little Baby Cakes didn't allow me to do any of my ab exercises so I will do them and detail those tomorrow.

I'm still 13 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I imagine that number is not going to budge until I can reasonably move my body again.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New theme for the blog

The theme of this blog previously was "Running while pregnant". I am annoucing a new theme today for the blog...."Not running and no longer pregnant". Critics predict it will be an exciting read.

I'm 9 days post-partum over here and still not moving real well. I have a new theory on my pain though. I HOPE it's not true, and maybe by writing it, it will represent my worst fears and then be totally unfounded. I believe I may have broken/bruised/dislocated my tailbone during Emmett's delivery! Yikes! I didn't even know you could do that...but the more I read, the more my symptoms line up. Also, it might explain why Emmett's delivery was so dang tough and why he got stuck a few times.

It seems like the only plausible reason for my lingering pain. At first, I assumed the pain was just from....well....birthing a 7lb baby. But all "that" pain seems to be healing and disappearing and I'm left with a serious pain in my butt. I can only stand for about 5 minutes before it starts to get pretty bad. And walking? Yeah, that's not really happening either. We went to Babies R Us yesterday for some essentials. Riding in the car was TERRIBLE. And I only made it a few minutes walking around the store before I was literally hanging over the stroller.

Oh well, another day of sitting around and eating bon-bons.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Plan

I have a new plan for my recovery. The new plan is to do nothing for 2-3 days. I really have just felt trashed after my shuffle around the block...so I decided maybe THAT is even too much. So, I plan to lay on the couch as much as possible today and tomorrow and see how it goes.

Emmett is still a very mellow baby. He eats, we change him, we swaddle him and then he sleeps for about 3 hours. And that's it. He is very quiet. He only gets a little aggravated during diaper changes.

Breastfeeding is going really well. I'm so thankful that after my rough delivery, the feeding is clicking. I'm not sure I could handle my own recovery and a fussy baby. Emmett seems to have been breastfeeding for years. He likes to do things himself and does not want my help latching on. He tries so hard that he almost "over tries". He will open his mouth so wide and just hold it there even though I'm ready to go. I just laugh and let him figure it out. I feel like he thinks I'm inept sometimes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I NEVER, not in a million years, exepected postpartum recovery to be this difficult. It's really hard for me to decide if this is "normal" or if I am just especially broken and beat up. It's been 6 days since Emmett was born and I still feel trashed.

Yesterday, Eric and I took Emmett is his BOB stroller and walked a very slow mile to our friends' house. We hung out there for a while and then, eventually, shuffled our way back home.

Today, I forced myself out of the house for 2 big laps around the block (they were very short blocks but just seemed big to me). It's very depressing to me to feel overwhelmed by the distance of a block. I literally shuffled my way around today (with Charley). I would say I'm moving at 1/2 speed of my usual walking pace. Yes, it's that slow. And, yes, it hurts. Did I mention it hurts? I feel like I will never get back to my normal self.

So far I have yet to feel like all the running/walking I did while I was pregnant has paid off on my road to recovery.

My hips feel really wierd and even my legs don't seem to be moving in their usual way. I really have to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.

When I got home today, I did a series of post partum exercises from a book I have. I definitely have a bit of abdominal separation...but I don't think it's too bad. So, I did some stretches and ab exercises. It's funny, the ab exercises feel fine. It's really just the walking around that's killing me at the moment.

On the baby news front, I'm thankful to report that Emmett is doing really well. As beat up as I am, he is just the opposite. He is eating really well (taken to breast feeding like he's been doing it for years) and he is sleeping really well. Knock on wood, but he has been a supremely easy baby. He almost never fusses and he's already going 4 hour stretches at night. (Even though he's sleeping 4 hours, I'm not...I get too nervous and check on him all the time!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The long road to recovery

Emmett Michael arrived Thursday morning, July 8th at 9:05am. It was a very long, hard labor. I am still piecing together his birth story through the fog of my memory. I will post it soon.

Anyway, I'm a physically wrecked. I never anticipated my body would feel quite this bad. Every muscle in my body feels like it's "pulled". I'm not really standing up too straight right now either.

Today, I put Emmett in the stroller and shuffled one time around the block. It's unreal how slow I am moving...my feet just barely scraping along the sidewalk. It took a lot of effort just to move forward. I felt like I had to get out there to prove that I am still alive. I was spent by the time I made it back to the house. I think it's going to be a long slow road to recovery.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come out and play Emmett

No matter how much your logical side tries to prepare you that your baby might be overdue, you are always going to be disappointed when your due date comes and goes. The 4th of July (Emmett's due date) was a tough one for me. I didn't have any labor signs so it was the first day that I truly realized "I might have a ways to go".

Workout-wise....I took the 4th of July off.

Yesterday, I walked 4.33 miles with Pup. I just plain didn't feel like running....so I didn't. My hips have been hurting a little bit and I have pain down my thighs as well. I don't think it hurts enough to stop me from running...mostly it just feels wierd.

I'm still contemplating today's workout. Intervals? Hill repeats? Kidding! (maybe).

Also, I fear I may be one of those women who have long long drawn out labors. I've been noticing contractions since late Sunday night. But they are nothing I would count as "real". Just annoying.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

39 weeks and 5 days

(Yesterday's log)
Yep....still here. No signs of baby.

It was WAY too hot and humid for me today but I was feeling a little restless. Eric volunteered to accompany me on my excursion. Thank you, Eric. We did 3 miles. I have to classify this one as a walk/run. All in all, I probably managed to run at least 1.5 miles. We took it about 1/2 mile at a time. Eric was really encouraging and kept picking out landmarks for me to make it to (the next corner, the stop sign). I walked all the up hills today.

My left hip is feeling wierd....like it's coming out of joint. But, it didn't really get worse along the run either. I definitely had a lot of Braxton Hicks on today's run but they settled down after the run once I got something to eat and drink.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One day at a time

Today, the moon, stars, and sun aligned. I got enough sleep, I did not have to go into work early in the morning, and the heat was manageable. Therefore, I hit the road with my faithful golden retriever companion.

Pup and I managed a 3 mile run. I only had to walk twice....both times on hills on my route.

Someone said to me the other day "Oh, you look great....you are so lucky" (the implication being I was lucky to NOT gain more weight than I have.) But, the way I see it, there's not much luck involved. I think every woman out there can be fit and healthy in pregnancy. The crappy part is that it's twice as hard to workout while pregnant.

I want to state, for the record, (in case it has not been apparent in previous blog entries), running while pregnant is HARD. It's not particularly fun or pleasant. I don't enjoy the scenery or feel relaxed. No, it's just hard. And, as tough as it is physically (feet hurting, belly bouncing, muscles straining, sweating hard), it's more demanding mentally. I feel like my everyday pregnancy runs are as demanding as a race. I have to concentrate on every small part of the run. Usually, I can only focus ahead about 200-400 meters. I focus on anything....an upcoming curve, a stop sign, a hill. There is no way I could even run with music or headphones...it would be too distracting. I hope to dispell any ideas that certain people are "blessed" and therefore working out while pregnant is easy. That's a lie. I'm not skipping up and down the sidewalks or anything. As of today, I'm carrying an extra 32 lbs on my 3 mile run. My feet and legs are less than pleased.

Sometimes I give pep talks to myself and Pup and say things like "we're doing good, Pup" or "let's just do this last hill". It makes me feel better to think that I am merely out there running, encouraging my fat golden dog, and helping HER out...you know, just doing her a favor.

I'm plain worn out this week and hope that Emmett is contemplating a swift arrival.

"And miles to go before I sleep....and miles to go before I sleep"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beautiful evening in Nebraska

Eric offered to walk with me tonight....I appreciate the company at this point. So, we walked 3.1 miles with the dog. I feel really good which probably means labor is NOT around the corner.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Inferno

Be warned...Pregnancy Brain is no joke! It can happen to you. One day you will completely lose any semblance of rational thought and find yourself steps away from the looney bin.

Today, I decided it would be perfectly fine to go for a run when I woke up. I stayed up late with Eric and some friends last night celebrating Eric's last night of drinking. I got hammered. Ok, no I didn't. He got hammered and I got "chocolate wasted". He's not allowed to drink anymore because he is on standby to drive me to the hospital at any moment. Anyway, I was up until 2am stuck somewhere between partying and dealing with some lovely Braxton Hicks contractions.

So, when I say I went for a run when I woke up...it was 11am. Maybe I should have worried when the only descriptive terms my Droid used to forecast today's weather was "Very Hot". I found myself jogging down the street, dragging poor Charley in the baking sun, temperature was 90 degrees. Genius, Oh Pregnant Runner.

I felt that Baby Emmett was angry with me.

I ended up running 2 miles (slowly!) and walking a mile.

Will it be enough to evict the baby? Only time will tell.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Run, run, run!

Apparently, Eric needed a bit of an ego boost this morning. Why else would you agree to go running with a 9 month pregnant chick? I think he secretly loves that he is faster than me now. And he knows I secretly hate it. But, we pretend that we love each other and love running together! (And I have already started plotting my running come back...my eventual goal is to beat him while pushing the running stroller.)

Anyway, Day 1 of "Operation Run Baby Out" is a bust. It's a success in that I went running, but a bust in that there's no sign of Emmett. Well, that's not quite true. I am planning to go on another walk this evening so he can still show up today. Eric officially gave Emmett the "green light" to come as he finished his Masters classes last night.

And I know I said I would only be walking in yesterday's blog...but I felt good today. If you have noticed any common theme in this Pregnancy-Running blog, it should be that my days are up and down and there is little consistency. So I'm crazy...and full term pregnant....so I'm going to see how many more days I can run. It's wierd to think that each run could be my last one with a 30 lbs bowling ball strapped on my stomach.

I had many things going for me this morning which made my run a success. First, I was awake at 5:30am for no apparent reason. I did have some lovely Braxton Hicks contractions for quite a while last night...so not much sleep total. Also, it was a PERFECT 65 degrees outside this morning. And, third, I had a willing running partner....whatever his true intentions were. How could I not take advantage?

Eric and I did 3 miles! I can also truly say it was a 3 mile run (not a walk-run). I only took 2 very short walking breaks (once to walk over some rocky ground and the other to breath through a lovely contraction that hit at 2.5 miles in.). The total run took us about 35 minutes. So, I'm going to venture that I'm averaging between 10-11 mins/mile. (and the extra minutes are for the walk breaks.)

I got a lot of wierd looks, but no yelling this morning. That's because Eric looks like my bodyguard.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operation Walk the Baby Out

I really wish I could title this entry "Operation RUN the Baby Out"...but I just don't think that's plausible. Yes, I am a wimp and am blaming my lack of running on the hot Nebraska weather. I say I'm a wimp not because it isn't hot...because it really is (90 degrees)...but because I know that I could beat Italicthe heat if I got up at say, 6 am to run. But, I don't. So, therefore I'm a wimp.

I went out walking for an hour today at about 9pm and it was wonderful! I'm always so surprised that no matter how lazy and large I feel during the day, once I get moving, I feel great! I think I could have actually run tonight (I felt that good), but I did not dress appropriately for the occasion.

So, I'm challenging myself to "2 a days" starting now. It's like I'm in training for the season again or something...only this time the season is labor. I'm going to try to walk in the morning before work and then again in the evening after the heat breaks. Why? Mostly because I'm bored...and it will help negate my lack of running. And also, I tend to eat large amounts of dessert in the evening. (Today it was almost an entire bag of Hershey kisses...oops).

I don't want Emmett to come before he's ready...but I'm ready to get my body back. I love training and look forward to the getting back in shape. I love the "getting back into shape" because you can see progress every week. Once you are already in shape, it's hard to see progression. But if you are out of shape, then it's AMAZING the progress you make every week. haha.

38.5 weeks today....30 lbs gained. I will be really happy if I can keep the weight gain around 30 lbs too. So, Emmett, go ahead and come in the next few days...because I can't stop eating.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One day at a time

I took advantage of the suprisingly cool weather and went running yesterday! I actually felt pretty good. I did a told of 4.3 miles. I ran at least 3 miles of that. I had to take 3 walking breaks in there just to make sure I was going easy. I actually felt better towards the end of the run than I did at the beginning.

Two people yelled stuff at me when I was running today...but they were both nice and yelled that I was "hardcore". I'm officially a spectacle.

It's funny because running during pregnancy is the reverse of running to get into shape. I have started doing walk-run workouts that I have recommended in the past for my non-runner friends to get in shape. Instead of running for more minutes and walking for less minutes, in pregnancy, I keep cutting the running and walking more!

I do think I "overdid" it yesterday though. After my run, I went out with Eric and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and we walked around all afternoon. By evening, I was hurting! Lots of cramps!

38 weeks today. I feel like I'm ready...please come soon, Baby!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Still got it in me

I did some running today at almost 37 weeks! I was really proud of myself. I went a little more than 4 miles and probably ran almost 1/2 of that distance. It was super hot...almost 90 degrees at noon so I had to break up the running a lot to make sure I didn't overheat. I tried to do 10 mins at a time and then walk a few minutes.

Also, the dog fared worse than me. Eric is going to shave her becuase he thinks she is too hot...haha.

Dear Baby Emmett....please come anytime. We are ready for you. (Well except for the fact that I have not packed our hospital bags or finished your nursery or washed any of your clothes...but don't worry about that...just come soon.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time is flying

I have been terrible at keeping this up. But, I feel like I was always most curious to see what people were still doing or not doing late in pregnancy. I'm 36 weeks today and 1 week from being able to say I'm "full term". I definitely want to plan to run on the day I hit 37 weeks...just to be difficult.

What I am still doing is pulling a lot of night shifts at work. I am amazed at myself...really....it's a miracle every time I complete a shift. I drive home bleary eyed and wonder how the heck I got through another night. If you think/remember/imagine that 36 weeks pregnant is somewhat uncomfortable, just try and stay up all night. Yeah, it hurts even more. It's difficult to sleep well at this point so when I'm on night shifts, I average about 5-6 hours a day...but it's very broken up.

So, yeah, I'm tired. A sneaky bonus of the night shifts is that it messes my eating schedule up so much that I haven't gained a lot of weight lately. Usually, I sleep through the morning, eat lunch, eat dinner and then work all night on no meals. Maybe this isn't the best thing health-wise but I'm really not hungry at 4 am...plus I get heartburn at work which is unbearable.

Bottom line is shift work and pregnancy do NOT mix. Put that on your list of what not to do. I imagine this schedule will be tough with a newborn as well. I will be leaving my job at the end of December. Factoring in my maternity leave, that leaves me with about 5 more months of shift work...and, yes, I'm counting the days.

On the workout front, I'm still on my forced running hiatus due to an irritating pregnancy side effect. However, I think I may try and run a few miles tomorrow and see how it goes. Maybe I will make a stunning comeback for the last weeks of pregnancy.

I have been walking a lot. Eric and I did a good bit of uphill hiking yesterday at a State park. (Ouch...and I'm slow.) Also, I hit the gym last week and did about an hour workout spread between the elliptical and spinning bike. I did "intervals" in that workout where I went at a hard effort for somewhere between 30 secs and 1 min. I got a few Braxton hicks on those but nothing too terrible.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One foot in front of the other

I am sad to report that I had to stop running for a while. Let's just say, the reason is medical in nature and related to being pregnant. I'm going to check in with my midwife tomorrow and see what she thinks. Maybe there are still a few more pregnant runs left in me.

Yesterday, Eric and I walked 2 miles with Pup. I think I got a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions along the way, but I'm not 100% sure. Baby Emmett is very head down and rapidly running out of space. I feel bad when he tries to stretch his little limbs...I imagine its very cramped quarters in there.

Today, I took Pup and we walked about 4.5 miles. It was a little sticky/muggy but other than that fine. I have to say that I don't like walking very much. First, it takes FOREVER to do a measly 4-5 miles. When I run 4-5 miles, it takes less than an hour...when I walk, it takes about an hour and a half I think. It just seems like forever. Also, running takes me full mental concentration (especially running pregnant). So, the time goes by really fast because I'm so focused on my pace and moving my body forward. Walking is not particularly strenuous and therefore I notice everything, think about everything and am generally aware of how long the "workout" is taking. Grrrr.

I'm going to try and lift a few free weights today on my exercise ball as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An up day

I got up "early" (for me as I have been working a lot of night shifts) and went to the gym with Eric. I ran 4 miles on the indoor track and felt pretty good. I'm still holding steady at a 10 min/mile pace. I also forgot my pregnancy support band today but felt OK without it.

I can do this! Just over 30 more days of working out with this little man strapped to my belly. I am starting to fantasize about running without all this extra baby weight. It will probably be amazing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pregnancy roller coaster

The one thing I really can't get used to while pregnant is how up and down I feel physically day to day or even hour to hour! Sometimes I feel awesome, sometimes not so awesome.

I did it! I did my run today and I'm pretty proud. I went a total of 4.33 miles and I ran at least 3 miles of it. I only walked in the very beginning to warm up and then only took 1 more break during the run. Yes! It was fairly warm and muggy today too.

If you had asked me a few days ago or yesterday, I would have told you I was done with running. But today, I felt fine. So wierd! I guess the big lesson here is you have to learn to roll with the punches...run when you can and lay on the couch when you don't feel up to it.

Weight wise, I'm still holding steady at 24-25lbs gained (almost 34 weeks).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a blob...

I think I'm morphing into a sloth. Noooooooo. Must keep going.....

I have not worked out in days, now I feast on Ben and Jerrys S'mores ice cream. I'm sliding down the slipperly slope.

I must brave battle again tomorrow morning. However, my battle may no longer be with the road, rather it may be the elliptical or bike. Baby's head is really low and he is hurting me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

33+ weeks

I have been slacking so much on blogging my workouts....Ok, maybe on actually doing them as well. I have a lot going on right now! More soon.

Today: 4.33 miles. I'll call this one a run/walk. I ran the first 2 miles, then took a walking break, ran for a few more minutes then walked home. To be blunt, the kid is hurting my crotch.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A good day followed by a rough one...

I was helpfully reminded today why I have only been running every other day. I hurt today! I did what I will "count" as 3 miles running with the Pup. Emmett was hurting me! Down there. I believe that when I run 2 days in a row, it's just too much pressure for my lady parts. All 23 lbs of baby weight must definitely affect something and I felt uncomfortable. And my hip flexors started to cramp up today. I did run outside and encountered a few hills. Again, extra weight is multiplied going up a hill.

I'm proud of myself for getting out there but will try to just run everyother day from now on.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Still going strong at 32 weeks +

I ran 4 miles today on the indoor track. I was clocking exactly 10 mins/mile pace which I was pretty proud of. I really thought I would be lucky to be running 12 mins/mile at this point. I felt pretty good, my feet were a little sore so I bought some new shoes just in case. In reality, I know my feet are hurting because I'm lugging around some extra weight...but I just wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt in case it was the cushioning that was wearing out. My breathing feels fine and I am really comfortable when I run. But that said, I really try to keep my pace at an "easy" level.

Emmett was being crazy today during my run! I swear he was "playing" instead my stomach as I chugged along. It's a disconcerting to feel that someone is trying to claw out of your stomach, especially when you are concentrating on putting one leg in front of the other.

I feel like my pregnancy growth spurt has slowed down a lot too. I'm still holding steady at 23 lbs gained and have been at this weight for quite a few weeks. Sometimes I don't even feel too "big" anymore. I think, because I've been the same size for a bit, that I'm getting used to this size and shape and my legs are getting used to carrying it around.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kicked that run in the face!

I have been slacking on blogging my workouts lately. I had kinda a "blah" week and had a few lazy days in there. I cannot blame my lack of working out on the pregnancy. I just plain didn't get moving all day.

Last Wednesday: Water aerobics class....ouch
Yesterday (Saturday): Ran 4.33 miles. I actually felt fantastic. The only reason I didn't run farther was Charley was dragging me down and giving everyone who looked at her a "tortured dog face". What kind of dog do I have who can't keep up with a fat pregnant lady? Lame.

I'm pleased to announce that I made it to my current goal of running to 32 weeks. Next goal: 36 weeks! I can do this, right? That's another 30 days and I'm only running every other day at this point...so 15 more runs.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My shrinking stomach

Where did my stomach go? I feel like I just had gastric bypass surgery. My stomach is so tiny and smushed right now. Today, I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, that's it. Just a sandwich, my only food for the day. And I ate the sandwich about 6 1/2 hours ago. I, though, like I have just gorged myself on Thanksgiving dinner! I feel so full and ill. But at the same time, I feel hungry. My heartburn is unreal at this point and it almost makes me afraid to eat at all. Mostly I think I just feel crazy.

Workout: Walked .5 miles, ran 3 miles, walked .5 miles all with Eric and the dog. It was warm and windy today and nice to feel the sun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

31 weeks

Ran 2 miles with the dog.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

3D ultrasound day

Workout today: Eric and I ran 3 miles with the dog. I actually felt pretty good and I think I am still holding steady at just over 10 mins/mile. I would also like to share that I had to take the last 2 days off from working out because of the "Navy Seal" workout on Wednesday. I couldn't move...oops.

In other big news, we did a 3D ultrasound in Kansas City today. Little Emmette coorperated for the most part. Well, he insisted on keeping one hand by his face for the whole scan but we could still see him fairly well. Also, we doubly-triply confirmed that Emmett is still a 'He'....he was not shy about flashing his manly bits.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pregnant Navy Seal?

Do the Navy Seals allow pregnant women?

I just went to my second water aerobics class. It was a water/land combination class. Basically, we did 45 minutes of intervals consisting of paddling with a kickboard, pushups, power walking, abs and triceps exercises. If it doesn't sound too bad, I'm not doing it justice. (The class itself was 60 minutes)

I am exhausted. This workout was pretty hard core. It wasn't so bad the first 10 minutes or so. But after 45 minutes I was holding back the puke. The instructor informed us the workout was modeled after a Navy Seal workout and I believe it.

I like the water aerobics classes because I can pretty much participate in everything...even this workout. I did my pushups on an incline (ie a chair) but that was the only modification (well, actually EVERYONE did pushups on a chair because it was so hard...but they initially had the option to do regular pushups).

I can't even lift my arms. I'm going to feel this one tomorrow. But, maybe I will be able to sleep tonight! (I don't think I have really posted about this in my blog, but I have mega pregnancy-induced insomnia. I haven't slept in days.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello immune system!

Dear immune system,

Where did you go? I would like you to come back as soon as possible. I feel that I have strengthened you and refined you and challenged you through all my years and you were the Gold Standard of all immune systems (thanks, in no small part to eating food off of the missile capsule floor). With you, I was the envy of all my friends and family. I laughed in the face of seasonal cold and flus. With you by my side, I was destined to survive the next great pandemic.

Apparently, you are now on vacation. Am I too fat for you? Why have your forsaken me? I have been sick for the last 3 weeks....yes, 3 weeks. Everytime I start to feel slightly better, the next little virus comes knocking.

I miss you. Come back.

Workout: Despite feeling like death, I managed to walk 1/2 mile, run 3 miles and walk 1/2 mile. Pup kept me going. My calves were on fire from water aerobics yesterday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I was feeling adventurous today and decided to try out water aerobics class! It was a bit of struggle to find something to wear to class...I figured they would not appreciate me skinny dipping. My "go to" workout Speedo swimsuit did not cut it. I went through about 3 different bikinis before I finally settled on one I thought would work.

Well, the suit didn't work so much. Luckily for the other class participants I don't think I over exposed any body parts...haha. I'm going to venture to Target tomorrow and Motherhood maternity to see what hideous sheaths of spandex they are offering pregnant ladies. Wish me luck.

The water aerobics class was fairly intense! But, I felt like I could do 90% of it and it was much easier on my legs and feet (than running). It's definitely a cool feeling to feel almost weightless at 30 weeks+ pregnant. Class was an hour and I'm sore now!

I may try to go early and do some water running before next class.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The battle of good vs. evil

The demons in my head were waging war on my good intentions. I found myself "stuck" on the couch. It was Trash TV versus Going to the Gym. And we aren't talking just any old trash TV show...this was the very trashiest of the trash TV. I was watching the Hills marathon!!! Nooooooooooooo! Please don't tell on me! I can't stop myself. I must blame some of my obsession with TV marathons on my missile alert days. TV marathons have an amazing way to eat up hours of alert.

The brutal reality of my day is that I spent almost 6 hours on the couch! It hurts my soul to even share that information. My slothness was interrupted only by an occasional journey to the kitchen for a piece of birthday cake.

Thankfully, at the 11th hour, I found myself disgusted by the chocolate crumbs piling up on my preggo belly "shelf". I threw on my workout clothes and made it to the base gym with 1 hour to go before closing.

Workout: Ran 4 miles...felt pretty good actually. I finished my workout 5 minutes before the gym closed! Hell, you could hardly guess it took me 6 hours to get off the couch. I'm holding steady at exactly 10 mins/mile pace (actually ran 4 miles in 39:48). I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with that pace considering how far along I am. I'm sure I will still get slower, but at least for now, I'm still running faster than I would walk.

I'm happy to report that TODAY I made it to one of my big pregnancy goals. I wanted to run to at least 30 weeks pregnant!!! Looking back, it wasn't always comfortable, but it wasn't too bad either. I had a couple of false alarms where I thought I would have to hang up the running shoes, but I always seemed to feel better the next day. Next up....my goal is to run through 32 weeks. My midwife shared a study that showed that pregnant runners tended to make it to 32 weeks before stopping running. The interesting thing about the study was the female runners reported the #1 reason they stopped running was because of "pressure from others"!!! I guess friends, family members and others were just appalled by the look of an 8 month pregnant chick running. So far, no one has said much to me...but now I'm prepared, haha.

Also, I'm reporting that at 30 weeks, my arms are getting fat.

Too much walking...but a wonderful birthday

My 29th birthday was yesterday. It's hard to believe I'm 29 sometimes. I feel like I was dancing around my living room to the new Ace of Base CD on my birthday just the other day (my 15th birthday).

My parents came up to celebrate the big day with me. We went to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. What a cool place! It's a beautiful zoo that I highly recommend. I think we will buy the season pass next year. There were lots of kids at the zoo and they seemed to enjoy it...even the little ones.

So zoo was awesome. However, little Baby Emmett did not think it was awesome that I was on my feet all day. I feel like it's a strange phenomenom. I run 4 miles at times without an issue. But, when I walk all day (and cover WAY less than 4 miles), it hurts! What gives? My feet were aching by the end of the day and I started to get some Braxton Hicks contractions.

Either way, I'm couting the zoo as my workout for yesterday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick update

I ran 4.33 miles today with Charley. We were both dragging a bit. It wasn't terrible but not my best run either. I had to rest twice along the way because I got cramps. Also, Charley's pads are worn down again and she was lagging. I think it's time to invest in doggy tennis shoes.

Now my feet and lower legs are aching...they are tired from carrying around extra weight!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby appointment

I had another baby appointment today. It's hard to believe that I will see my midwives every 2 weeks now! Baby Emmett is doing well...heartbeat sounded great and he was kicking up a storm, out of my right side actually. I met the 2nd of 5 midwives in the practice and she seemed really nice. I LOVE that the midwives are all about natural birth, an active birth, a non-intervention birth. The lady today told me that they would never "pity me" and tell me I looked like I was in pain. I think that's hard core.

Ran 2.75 miles today and felt great! I felt like I was actually going at a pretty good pace too. I would have run farther but poor Eric has some wicked shin splits...so we had to stop and walk home (after the 2.75 miles). The weather is fabulous here. I never want to leave.

In other baby related news, I have been seeing a chiropractor for my back pain. I found out that my insurance covers it so why the hell not? It seems a little strange to me right now but I'm willing to be open minded and try this alternative treatment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

29 weeks

Ran 4.5 miles. I felt really good. Can I keep this up for another 10 weeks? Total weight gain at 29 weeks is 20 lbs.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ye of little faith...

I'm back to it with a vengeance. I knocked out 4.33 miles today...running! Aside from 2 bathroom breaks, I did the whole route without missing a beat.

Things I've learned:

1) Temperature makes a HUGE difference, not a small difference to a pregnant runner. It was about 65 degrees today (compared to 80 degrees on previous days)

2) I am not going to run with Eric anymore. It's official...for the first time ever I am annoucing that I am SLOWER than my husband. I am trying to embrace and love my new running pace. I think, when I run with Eric, even if he tries to go slow, I try to push myself to keep up with him. Also, I think that my pace varies a lot since I have been pregnant. I naturally slow down when Emmett starts moving around and pick it up when I feel better.

3) The maternity support belt works and helps! (Courtesy of Motherhood maternity). I will try not to forget it.

4) I hate carrying the silly camelback with water but that makes a difference as well.

5) Sleep is crucial. I try to be "cool" and stay up till all hours of the night like I previously did...but when you're pregnant, you just don't recover from workouts as well as before. I can't workout day after day and survive on 6 hours of sleep. So, if I am going to continue to be serious about running, I have to go to bed earlier.

6) My brand new neon yellow Bob Ironman running stroller that is sitting by the door right now inspires me to run. (Hey, I don't want to disrespect the stroller by running slowly with it when Emmett comes!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The beginning of the end....

I fear the end has come....the end of running. I'm very very sad about this. I wanted to be able to run through 30 weeks (and secretly hoped to make it running the whole way). But, I think my body is saying 'no'. I'm only 80% sure this is the end. This is the 2nd bad day of running in a row...and quite a few days in a row that I have some cramps when walking around. I definitely was getting a lot of Braxton hicks today. Ouch. I feel like my body is failing me in a weird way.

Body...it's me....why are you doing this? We had such a perfect first and second trimester...why did you just spring this on me now? You love running, remember?

My lower legs and feet were killing me today too. I managed to run 2.6 miles and then had to walk the last 1/2 mile.

I'm going to give it one more day and see if I feel better. This could still just be a bad week, though not likely.

Backup plans: spinning class, water aerobics, water running, walking, weight lifting. I guess I can do anything for 3 short months...but none of them are as enticing nor as convenient as running.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3rd trimester pain

Who need to train with a weigh vest when you have a 20lb baby belly?!

I hurt today. My goal was to run 5 miles...I was WAY short of that. I believe I made it running about 2 miles before I had to stop. I had cramps (maybe Braxton Hicks?) and my legs were burning. Eric and I ended up walking/running the last 2 miles back to the house.

It was 86 degrees outside which is honestly probably too hot for pregnant running. I brought a Camelback along...but I think the only thing that did was add more weight to my suffering legs!

I hope this was just a bad day and not the beginning of the end for pregnant running.

(I hurt today as well...more cramps.) So now I'm laying on the couch eating a bag (yes, the large size) of hershey kisses.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

7 miles at 28 weeks!

Wonderful run this morning!! Eric and I and the Pup checked out a new trail in Omaha...Zarinsky lake (sp?). It was a cool and breezy morning. I planned to do 4 miles originally, but I felt wonderful out there so I kept going. Breathing was easy...baby wasn't stabbing me in the bladder and my calf didn't hurt at all.

Eric ran ahead with a friend and I took my time with Pup. We finished 7 miles! I used my Droid app "Buddy Runner" to get a guess on pace. Looks like I was averaging 10:30-11:00 mins per mile. Not too bad for the longer distance. I felt really good when I finished too.

With a few exceptions, no matter how "blah" I feel before the run, I feel much better after. I think I'm going to try to keep scheduling a longer run on Saturdays.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Excuse #659...my leg "pulled" itself

I'm sitting on the couch nursing a very injured calf muscle. In another time in life, I might feel pain like this after a road race or a cycling race. Or perhaps you're thinking maybe I tackled some physical task too vigorous for a pregnant lady. Neither is true.

My calf is injured because it "pulled" itself. There it is...my excuse for not working out the past 2 days. 2 nights ago, I was sitting (on the same couch coincidentally) talking on the phone when suddenly my calf cramped up so bad I was screaming in pain. It took quite a while to get the charley horse to loosen up. I have never experienced a charley horse before and I don't envy people who get them frequently. I looked it up...apparently, it's a common pregnancy syndrome.

Unfortunately, the damage from the charley horse seems to be lasting. I couldn't walk very well the yesterday and today the muscle is still very sore and tender. I'm heating, stretching and using the roller. I tentatively have a run scheduled for tomorrow morning...we'll see how that goes.

My leg is a traitor.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No good lousy miserable day

I really could have done without today (Wednesday). Maybe I could have jumped right from Tuesday to Thursday. I have been sick for 5 very long days. It's frustrating because I NEVER get sick....or, on the very rare occasions when I do, I will be sick for exactly 1.5 days and then be better. So, I blame the 5 day sickness on the pregnancy. I feel like I can't breathe because I have a super cough and a head cold.

It rained all day and was damp and chilly. I was ticked off because I don't have any proper outerwear for my uniforms since I've been pregnant. All of my flight jackets are very small and I can't zip them around my belly. And, I refuse to buy a $179 jacket so I can wear it all of 3 times during the last trimester of my pregnancy. And so, I'm just cold and miserable.

For some reason, I also felt the need to run today. Well, actually, I wanted to lay on the couch but Eric "encouraged" me out the door. And by "encouraged" I mean he was counting backwards from 5 at one point like I was a bad child (he was previously instructed to do this when I couldn't get myself out the door). So, then I ran 4 miserable, cold, windy miles. Why? I have no answer for this. Usually, once I get going, I feel great by about .5 miles into the run. Today, I wanted to throw myself in the icy lake from approximately mile 1-mile 4.

I also asked Eric if "this" was what he felt like when he ran....heels hurt, feet hurt, feels like I can't breathe. He said 'yes' and that's why he doesn't like running. I think I finally understand why running is hard. I would never voluntarily run if it hurt like this everyday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Too sick to move...and so I shop

Yesterday's fabulous day/workout must have been something of a fluke. I'm sick out of my mind (again) today. Head, chest, nose, throat. The thing is, I'm really wondering if this might be allergies today as opposed to a cold like I had this weekend. I'm suspicious my symptoms have blended together although caused by different things.

I'm flat on my back on the couch. Little Emmett is happily kicking away while I buy baby things for him. I just purchased an Arms Reach Co Sleeper from Amazon. Also, my Cadillac of a breast pump arrived in the mail today as well as the Organic baby carrier! I finally feel like the little guy has some "stuff".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd Trimester!

This pregnancy has really gone by fast. I feel like I'm only just starting to feel "pregnant" and as of today, I'm starting the last trimester.

I'm happy to report that I'm finally showing enough in my work uniform that people who don't know me can tell I'm pregnant. I was wondering if that day would ever come. Eric sent me a text the other day when I was leaving work begging me for some MGD Light...his drink of choice at the moment (he believes he is dieting by drinking MDG Light). So, I swung by the Shopette after work and picked up a case (yes, in uniform). The checkout line was kinda long so I was kicking the case along with my feet. When I got to the checkout, the Major behind me picked up my case of beer and put it on the counter and remarked loudly "I just wanted to help the pregnant girl with her beer". The entire line was cracking up. He went on to say "watching this is like watching a bad safety video" (if you are in the military, you will understand this reference). I told him I was trying to keep my baby weight in check with the Light variety.

Am I the coolest wife or what to keep on supporting Eric's drinking habits? I wish I could say that beer tastes or smells bad to me while pregnant (some of my friends have reported this phenomenom)....no such luck for me. I steal a sip once in a while of Eric's beer and it still pretty much tastes amazing!

27 week status/workout:
Total weight gain - Still holding at 16-17 lbs depending on the day.

Workout today: Ran a 5K (3.1 miles) with Eric and the dog. The weather was amazing!! 62 degrees is my perfect running temperature. Also, I ran the whole way (no stretching, bathroom or other mis stops). I was running about 10:30mins per mile or so.

Then I came home and got my "home gym" setup and lifted for about 30-40 mins. The total time is deceptive because I am taking longer breaks between sets these days. Here's what I did:
3 x15 bench press on stability ball (30 lbs)
3 x 15 crunches on stability ball
3 x 15 squats (30 lbs)
3 x 15 bent over rows (15 lbs in each hand)
core exercise on hands and knees...raise 1 arm/opposite leg and hold...10 on each side
side leg raises, 15 each side
3 x 10 military overhead press (30 lbs)
3 x 15 wide leg squats, 15 lbs
3 x 10 tricep extension (overhead, 15 lbs)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forced off day

I'm so sick! Grrrr...first time being pregnant and sick. I don't get sick very often and I was hoping I could make the whole 10 months without it!

Anyway, I went on a 3 mile walk yesterday with my Mom and the dog because I wasn't feeling well. Today, my chest and throat hurt so I'm going to take a day off.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot and windy

It was 87 degrees today here in Omaha! Beautiful (besides the hurricane force winds) but a little too hot for the pregnant runner. I had to wait until 6:30pm or so to run when a front started to move in and the temps dropped to about 70. How am I going to keep running if this summer is a hot one? It would be so nice to have a treadmill in an air conditioned basement…oh wait, I had one…and the movers broke it. I’m not an early morning person, but that may be my only option. (Normally I love running in the heat, but it’s a no-no for preggos).

3.72 miles today in 40 minutes. That’s a smokin’ speed of 5.5 mph or 10:55 mins/mile. You may be thinking you could walk that fast…and you are probably right. But please give me some credit for the 20 mph winds and the hills.

I think my little “group” is quite the spectacle on the lake run. Picture this: 1 fat, pregnant girl decked out in spandex. Why the hell would anyone market spandex to a pregnant chic, let alone why would any pregnant chic wear it? After quite a few painful runs, I discovered the awful truth….chaffing. I chaffed on nearly every part of my body that loose clothing was rubbing. It may be because your sweat is different or you just sweat a lot. It’s probably really because chunky thighs and arms are rubbing together. Either way, it hurts and I have embraced the spandex. (I also make sure to swing by the Wal-Mart post run because I just feel I fit in there.)

Anyway, pregnant spandex girl is dragging a fat golden retriever on a leash. The golden retriever always looks like she is being abused because she waddles a few feet behind me and sticks her tongue out and looks very pained. Then, Eric accompanies me on the bike to be my “camel” for water and to supervise me. So yes, basically it looks like Eric is forcing both the pregnant chic and the fat dog to run while he is peddling very very very slowly on his bike. I can only imagine what other walkers/runners think.

Also, although I’m happy for Eric’s company and feel “safer” somehow that he is supervising my runs, I’m not exactly sure what our plan would be if something happened, ie I went into labor 3 miles from the house. There are a few possibilities:
1) Eric could ride for help and leave me laboring somewhere on the trail with only my golden retriever to keep me company
2) I could try to ride the bike in labor 3 miles home while Eric runs beside me with the dog. However, Eric has only biking shoes (the clip in kind) and I have no clips. So I won’t be able to peddle and he won’t be able to run
3) We send Charley for help while I labor on the trail and Eric practices his wheelies around me to keep me entertained.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I ran the whole way!

It's the small victories in life....I ran the entire 4.33 miles today! Yes, at the end I was going so slow the dog was literally walking beside me....but I was still running...haha.

Weight gain is holding steady at 16 lbs (26 weeks and 2 days). I actually lost 2 lbs since Eric and I moved in the house and stopped eating out for every single meal. I feel pretty good about that. We are trying to limit eating out to one time per week. If you know us well, that's a HUGE change for us! We usually eat out nearly everyday while at work for lunch and at least every 2 or 3 days for dinner. I went shopping today and stocked the cupboards so there's no excuse.

In other exciting pregnancy news, I ordered a breast pump. Joy. It seems like an evil necessity for me. I found a deal online for the Medela Freestyle that I couldn't pass up. Eric and I are trying to do "baby on a budget" and this price matched out needs. We are trying to buy lots of used things but read that we shouldn't do that on the carseat and breastpump.

We have an appointment tomorrow for the first time in our new town! We are going to visit the Nurse-Midwives at University of Nebraska Medical Center and see if they are a good fit for us. So far, I love what they are about....natural and active birth. Hell, I didn't work this hard or run this hard for nothing! It better pay off on delivery day or I want my money back.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lake run

Eric, Charley the dog and I ran from the house to the lake and did the trail loop. I love it here! First, the weather was beautiful...sunny and 65 degrees...and our house is exactly .5 miles from an awesome running trail.

4.33 miles total...I probably ran at least 3.5 miles of that and we walked the other parts. I felt kinda slow today and took a couple of walking breaks whenever I got a cramp. Emmett likes to hang out on my right side and push his little body out when I run...which I of course appreciate. If I stop and poke him a bit, he usually moves back "inside".

Though the cardio is going well, I have been neglecting the weights. My goal for this week is to lift at least 2 times.

Also, I put a bid in on a Bob Ironman running stroller on Ebay! Fingers crossed for us on that one.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

26 weeks!

26 weeks today! I like how I can tell people I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant...that sounds cool somehow. This was my first run from our new house. The house is still a complete disaster...I almost couldn't even go because i couldn't find my running shoes. But they turned up and I went running with the dog. I ran 3 miles today...pretty slow. It felt good to run outside in the sunshine even if it's still a little cold.

I also used a new app for my Droid called Buddy Runner. I figure I have to carry my phone with my anyway (as a pregnancy precaution) so I went ahead and put this GPS/mapping/pace calculating device on my phone. I have it set so it "rings" and tells me my distance and pace every .5 miles. My only complaint about it is that it doesn't sync with Facebook even though it's supposed to. Maybe they will fix that with an update.

Also, our new house is in a great location! The neighborhood is right down the street from a recreation area that has a 5K trail around a lake. The trail is nice and wide and paved so it will be ideal for the baby jogger stroller as well.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm so tired

We are in the middle of moving....we just got into our new house yesterday and are trying to unpack today. Unfortunately, we are going from a much much bigger house to a smaller one and it's hard to fit everything!!

I'm exhausted. I doubt I will be able to workout today.

Workout yesterday: Ran 4 miles on the indoor track. New personal "pregnancy best". I did 4 miles in 38 mins! That puts me right at 9:30/mile pace. Not too bad for Fatty over here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Workout recap

Tues, 23 March - Ran 2 miles on the indoor track then did Ultimate Circuit workout class (60 mins). Great back and arm exercises today.

Wed, 24 March - 45 min spinning class (lots of long hills and strength work), then walked 2 miles on the indoor track.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's starting to hurt!!!

No! I'm so close to the third trimester, I can see it just around the corner. I was hoping to keep running comfortably until at least then (and secretly hoping to be one of those Olympian types that wins a 10K while 8 months pregnant). But today, I hurt during my run.

Little Emmett was testing my bladder control ability as he insisted on sitting right on it for the whole 4 mile run. Eric and the dog and I ran outside...weather was fairly nice. I love running outside, however, the bathrooms are few and far between. I had to run into a gas station about 1.5 miles in. Even after my break, my bladder was screaming the whole run. I was definitely reduced to the shuffle-step gait too.

I hope today was just an "off" day and I will feel better tomorrow. I plan to start going to some spinning classes though, just in case the continued running does not agree with me and Emmett.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pregnant Saturday

I checked out my "new" gym today. Love, love, love the huge indoor track. Each lap is .4 miles! Also, the outer lane is designated as a walker/stroller lane! I will definitely be taking advantage of the stroller lane sometime this year.

I walked .5 miles, ran 4 miles and then walked .5 miles. I also did a few pushups and ab exercises. I am running almost exactly 10 mins/mile for my pace which I don't think is too shabby.

After my workout I went to the store for groceries. It was nearly a disaster...at one point, I had chips, ice cream, cookies, and candy in my cart. When Preggo goes shopping, everyone wins! haha....anyway, I managed to wrestle the junkfood away from myself. (Only because I had Girl Scount cookies in the freezer). We have been eating out almost every meal as we live in the hotel and wait for the closing day for our house. I can't wait to be in a house again!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Super Sweet 16

I'm 24 weeks and 5 days today....and have gained a whopping 16 lbs. I think I will NOT stay under my stated goal of 25lbs gained for this pregnancy. Oh well. I will say, that I feel suprisingly good and not like what I imagined gaining 16 lbs would feel like. Pretty much, it's all in my belly and boobs...although Eric took the opportunity to inform me that my face was slightly fatter today. (Thanks Eric. At least I know he's honest) I'm OK with baby weight as long as that is what it is....no sneaky weight gain in my arms or legs or anything....haha.

I think I did feel all 16 lbs of baby weight on my run today. This is the worst I have felt so far...I only felt bad for the first 1/2 though. I did 4 miles outside with the dog. The weather was fabulous. I think I was holding steady at 10 mins/mile (I think)...pure guesstimate. My left foot and lower leg hurt. It felt like my poor foot was flattening out (I imagine the foot does not appreciate the baby weight). But after 2 miles out, I felt 10 xs better on the way back. In fact, in the last mile I felt downright speedy. The run had a few hills and stairs in it so hopefully got a decent workout.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is a little crazy right now!

I'm officially in a new state, new job and starting to figure out my new life. We are still living in temporary lodging and I'm counting the days until we can move into our new house!!! (I have still only seen the outside of the house....Eric picked it out). I'm very excited to report there is a lake with a 5K trail around it just down the street! And there is a playground at the end of the street which I imagine we will use someday!

I ran 3 miles with Eric yesterday (and Charley the dog). It was kinda cold and murky outside but ended up being perfect temperature for me and my built in heater. It was the first time I ran with the maternity support belt and liked the way it felt.

Today, I did a circuit training class at my new gym. It was an hour long workout with different stations and you did each station for a minute. Good workout. Also, our new gym has a .4 mile indoor track which will be wonderful on cold days. I did 2 laps on that track just to check out the new place.

In other news, I'm officially 24+ weeks! I can't believe I can tell people I'm "6 months" when they ask how far along I am. 6 months...really? Pregnancy has been a breeze in all honesty. I hope my good luck continues. My only complaint thus far is I'm starting to get some heartburn. I can't blame the heartburn entirely on pregnancy though. I haven't been eating the greatest while we have moved. Soda and chocolate and fast food....surprise, surprise...those are all 'trigger' foods for heartburn! The heartburn hurts enough to encourage me to change my diet!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainy run

Eric and I did 3 miles running outside in the rain. We took "Sausage" otherwise known as Charley the dog. She put on a little weight over the winter. We like to say she is "big boned" but really she is just fat.

Anyway, I felt pretty good on the run but stopped to walk twice for a few seconds as the little man was moving around and cramping me a little.

Body Pump

Anyone ever heard of "Body Pump"? It's an aerobics/sculpting class that is hitting gyms all over the nation. Try it out if you have it! I love what they are doing in the class. It's basically an hour of lifting that focuses on isolating different muscle groups. Good stuff.

So yeah, I did the Body Pump class yesterday. I had to go easy on some of the back exercises (dead lifts) but other than that, I felt good. My triceps are burning today.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I am motivated to run

I am a very bad person....yes, it's true. Try not to judge too harshly as I explain my motivation to run. (I want the record to show that I generally enjoy running and have other movtivations to run BESIDES the one I am about to reveal....but today, this was my motivation).

I am horrified by the seemingly common trend of pregnant women "letting themselves go" and eating whatever they want and doing whatever they want to their bodies. I believe, it's already hard enough on your body to make and carry a child....why should we be extra mean to ourselves and trash our bodies. I am very disturbed that gaining 40, 50, 60 + lbs seems to be the new norm in pregnancy weight gain. As a society we are WAY overfed and very underexercised. And so I run. And I also try to watch what I eat. And yes, I do both while pregnant.

Anyway, to wrap up a long story, I was going to work out today no matter what. We were somewhere in South Dakota at a hotel. My first clue that it was going to be an interesting workout was my room key did not let me in the gym. In fact, the card key did not work at all. The girl at the desk had to get a no-kidding key to let me in...at which point she confided to me that she had never seen anyone use the gym. Great.

So, I get on the treadmill and try to do my 5 min warmup walk. When I get to a comfortable walking pace, I look down and see the treadmill says it's going 8.0mph. If you have ever run on a treadmill, you will know that 8.0mph is pretty fast and NOT a walking pace. Clearly, the treadmill is well calibrated.

Suddenly, the display goes out. I now have no indication of time, speed, or incline.

Finally, I realize that every time I touch a button on the treadmill, the stupid thing shocks the sh&* out of me! That hurts.

No matter...like I said...this workout was going to happen. I cranked up the incline and speed as much as I good and ended up doing some light jogging for 30 mins or so. I hope I went about 3 miles. Wish me better luck at our next hotel tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My last Montana run

4 miles total (walked .5 mile, ran 3.5 miles on the indoor track). I felt AMAZING. I'm not sure where today came from but I was just rolling along...lap after lap. My breathing was super easy and I don't think I was plodding along too slowly either.

So long Montana! I hit the road tomorrow.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am the crazy pregnant woman!

I'm in Arizona for a few days for my Masters graduation ceremony. My dad and I found some great hikes in the Phoenix metro area. Both the hike we did yesterday and the one today were rated "moderate". In my mind, moderate means one step above walking on a perfectly smooth trail.

Well...things are a little different in Arizona! We hiked about an hour yesterday and then 2 1/2 hours today. I guess in Arizona, "moderate" means one step BELOW needing rock climbing equipment!!! In a couple parts, we were crawling up stone faces. The boulders were pretty big and the trails were surprisingly steep! So yes, I am that crazy pregnant women practically rock climbing at nearly 6 months pregnant!

I loved every second of it though. Hiking was much less challenging (cardio-wise) than my normal running...however, it was much more challenging muscle-wise. My legs were burning. The scenery was beautiful and most importantly, the weather was fabulous. Almost 80 degrees today!

I'm probably going to be a little sore tomorrow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arrived in beautiful Arizona!

The weather is gorgeous here...I kinda wish I lived here. It's a good break from the snow at least.

Managed to squeeze in a short workout before I left for the airport: 3 miles (2 on treadmill, 1 on indoor track). I ran the treadmill miles at 6.3 mph and felt good.

I also bought a maternity support belt today. I will try it out soon and report back.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Counting down the days in Montana

I am in my last week of living in Montana! We have loved it here but I'm ready to move on. Plus, Eric got a house for us in Nebraska and I can't wait to see it.

Workout for today: 4 miles total (1/2 mile walking, 3 1/2 miles running). I felt really good today. The running was pretty easy and I didn't feel too huge. I also got a pregnancy massage after work that was AMAZING. I hope I can splurge on a few more of those at our new location.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

We have a house in Omaha!

Hooray! We put an offer in on a house and it was accepted....so we have a house and will officially not be homeless when we have the baby, haha. Technically, we actually have two houses now. We are both hoping our house in Montana sells quickly! Anyone want to move to Montana? We will make you a deal!

I took the dogs out on a walk yesterday...we did about 3 miles. I wanted to take another easy day after I had a scary experience on Friday. On Friday, I almost passed out in the dental chair. I got really hot and dizzy and sick to my stomach. I took the rest of the afternoon off from work. I hope it was just because the office was warm and the light in my face was hot. It scared me though so I just layed around on Friday and yesterday. I felt fine yesterday and still feel good to day so hopefully it was a one time thing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My secret is officially out!

I'm an Air Force instructor and had to teach a class today. I haven't taught in about 3-4 weeks because I'm about to move and have been doing out-processing. Anyway, at the first break, 2 women in the class came up to me and asked me if I was expecting! I guess my uniform isn't really hiding things anymore. So, I confirmed the rumors and now everyone knows. I guess it's pretty good that I made it to 21 1/2 weeks!

Workout today (pretty intense): walked 1/2 mile, ran 3 miles, lifted arms and then did a step aeorbics class.

My left calf is really sore. Also, today running did not feel great. I felt fat and awkward and I had to pee almost every mile thanks to the little man sitting on my bladder.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Run down

I didn't feel quite like myself today. I am just not recovering from these workouts like I was used to (before pregnancy). I ended up running for about 20 mins, elliptical for 10 mins and yoga class. I was worn out in yoga class...i seriously couldn't even stand on one leg.

I'm taking tomorrow off. It works out nicely as I'm finishing my very LAST paper for my Masters degree tomorrow night. I'm so glad I'm almost done and will graduate before the little man shows up.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Still movin' in my 6th month!

Ran 5 miles today (2 on treadmill at 6.3 mph, 3 on indoor track). Felt good running-wise although I'm STILL sore from the cardio/sculpt class I did on Saturday.

Also, Eric and I may have finally narrowed down the house hunt to one favorite. Maybe the baby will actually have a room! He is going to look at the house again tomorrow and think about an offer. This is the 2nd time he gets to pick the house and I move in sight unseen (not by choice!). I'm excited to move and join him in a few weeks.

Please, someone, buy our house in Montana. I will be your best friend.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend thoughts

First, yes, my prediction was right. I am so sore I can't move. My rear, arms. shoulders, abs, everything is on fire from yesterday's Cardio/sculpt class. Reference previous post about not recovering as well during pregnancy. I hurt. But, I'm glad I did the class because I haven't been weight lifting very much even though that's super important.

Second, are we ever going to find a house? Eric is in Nebraska looking, I am in Montana worrying. Should we rent or buy? Live on base housing? And our house in Montana is still on the market and we are worried about that. I envision the 2 of us + baby + dog + 2 cats living in an 18 ft camper!! Oh no!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend workouts

Today, I ran about 20 mins on the indoor track and then did a cardio/sculpt class. I think I will definitely be a little sore tomorrow.

On Thursday, I ran 4 miles and did Pilates. Yesterday (Friday) I was so sore from Pilates that I literally couldn't sit up!

I think my belly is really popping out this week. Also, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable when I run...like my belly is bouncing. I plan to order one of those support bands this week to see if it helps.