Sunday, April 25, 2010

The battle of good vs. evil

The demons in my head were waging war on my good intentions. I found myself "stuck" on the couch. It was Trash TV versus Going to the Gym. And we aren't talking just any old trash TV show...this was the very trashiest of the trash TV. I was watching the Hills marathon!!! Nooooooooooooo! Please don't tell on me! I can't stop myself. I must blame some of my obsession with TV marathons on my missile alert days. TV marathons have an amazing way to eat up hours of alert.

The brutal reality of my day is that I spent almost 6 hours on the couch! It hurts my soul to even share that information. My slothness was interrupted only by an occasional journey to the kitchen for a piece of birthday cake.

Thankfully, at the 11th hour, I found myself disgusted by the chocolate crumbs piling up on my preggo belly "shelf". I threw on my workout clothes and made it to the base gym with 1 hour to go before closing.

Workout: Ran 4 miles...felt pretty good actually. I finished my workout 5 minutes before the gym closed! Hell, you could hardly guess it took me 6 hours to get off the couch. I'm holding steady at exactly 10 mins/mile pace (actually ran 4 miles in 39:48). I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with that pace considering how far along I am. I'm sure I will still get slower, but at least for now, I'm still running faster than I would walk.

I'm happy to report that TODAY I made it to one of my big pregnancy goals. I wanted to run to at least 30 weeks pregnant!!! Looking back, it wasn't always comfortable, but it wasn't too bad either. I had a couple of false alarms where I thought I would have to hang up the running shoes, but I always seemed to feel better the next day. Next goal is to run through 32 weeks. My midwife shared a study that showed that pregnant runners tended to make it to 32 weeks before stopping running. The interesting thing about the study was the female runners reported the #1 reason they stopped running was because of "pressure from others"!!! I guess friends, family members and others were just appalled by the look of an 8 month pregnant chick running. So far, no one has said much to me...but now I'm prepared, haha.

Also, I'm reporting that at 30 weeks, my arms are getting fat.

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