Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Swagger is Back

My running swagger is coming back. I had to drop the hammer on some "designer runners" today. On my trip around the lake (5 mile run), I blew past not 1 but 2 legitimate runners WITH the baby stroller (the bright yellow one which makes me all the more obnoxious). They were both dudes decked out in what my friend calls their "cutest running outfits" complete with racing sunglasses. One of them was rocking the Vibram 5 finger shoes. So, he definitely deserved it.

My only regret is that I didn't have some smart ass saying on the back of my shirt. In high school, my personal favorite t-shirt read "I'll see you when you get there". That one really used to tick the Army guys off.

My running stroller is getting a lot of action this week because Emmett is in quarantine. The little kid has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which he picked up from some little snot fest at the gym daycare. I kindly refer to Emmett as my little, dirty slum child.

In other workout news, I have been lifting hard core. I did a pre pregnancy lifting routine the other day using at least the same weights or heavier than I did before pregnancy. I forgot how much I love weight lifting. I used to shy away from it in college because I tended to "bulk up" with extra muscle (more than you need for distance running).

(My workouts now mostly look like this: I run 2 miles to the gym with E in the stroller, then I go to an aerobics/toning class or lift on my own, then I run 2 miles home. Sometimes I do a few exercises at night with my students.)

I have my eye on running my first marathon in December. I'm not sure how Emmett will appreciate uber long runs in the stroller. So far, the longest he has done is 1 hour. But maybe I can bribe him with snacks.

Also, I finally fit into the last of my pre-pregnancy jeans (milestone 10.5 months). Yeah, reference previous post....nothing looks the same, but I met my goal....I guess.

I'm planning on starting the weaning process for Emmett when he turns 1 year old. It will be interesting to see what happens with weight and such then. My midwife also thought that some of my "delivery injuries" will heal as my estrogen increases after weaning.