Saturday, November 28, 2009

Symptoms kicking in?

This may finally be pregnancy symptoms kicking in...I tried to run on the treadmill today and had to stop and pee every 1/2 mile...literally. I called that quits after 2 miles and 4 bathroom breaks.

I lifted weights today and tried to modify my workout to something I can maintain througout pregnancy. I cut the weights on my exercises and also dropped from 3 sets down to 2 sets. The true test will be how I feel tomorrow. It's wierd because I feel like with lifting lighter weights I'm not really doing anything but hopefully there was some value.

I tried to finish the workout by running another mile but I had some SI pain. It feels like something is out of line down there. Maybe the pregnancy hormones are already relaxing the joint? I moved to the elliptical instead and that was fine.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Step by Step, Ooh Baby!

Yes, the title of my blog is inspired by a New Kids on the Block song. Once I get better at this blogging thing, I will make the song play non-stop on repeat while people read my blog.

Remember when New Kids on the Block tried to re-do their image? They dissappeared for a while and then reappeared as "NKOTB". Not the strongest acronym I'm encountered. It's kinda like Treasure Island (hotel) in Vegas that is now referred to as T.I. Somehow I think the makeover was more successful for T.I.

Sure signs of Pregnancy

1) You wake up the morning after Thanksgiving and you are starving!!

I had to eat 3 Eggo waffles just to get moving and feed the tapeworm. Did you know that there will soon be an Eggo Waffle shortage? Yes, I read it in the paper! Apparently 2 of their production plants are currently shut down. Tragedy. Of course, after I read the story I had to rush out and buy some Eggos. Now I'm suspicious the article was just a marketing ploy to tempt gullible consumers like me.

It looks fairly nice outside (considering it's winter in Montana), so Eric and I are planning a 3 mile run with the dog.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

10K at 8 1/2 weeks

I dragged Eric out to run the "Burn the Bird 5k/10k" race this morning. He ran the 5K with a friend and I did the 10k with a friend. We ran it in 57 mins or so. It was probably a good thing I ran with my friend because I get a little competitive when I'm racing...I can't lie, I would have gone for the win. So far, at 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, I feel fine...normal....not pregnant. Sometimes, I get a little worried knowing that while I bounce and run around and eat anything I want, there are some pregnant women out there bowing to their Porcelain God.

This is our 3rd pregnancy. Obviously, I have had a little practice if only in the first trimester. Of the 3, I have kept my life the most normal this time. I figure I'll just keep working the same hours, keep running the same miles, keep drinking the same booze (ok, that one's a joke). If the little bean would like to stick around, he/she is welcome to...but I'm not overhauling my life for him/her. IF this one does stick around, it will be good practice for the little bugger when he's born to a high energy/working mom. It's not like we'll be hanging around the house very much!

My only concession to the pregnancy is that I have slowed my running pace. My rule of thumb is going to be if it feels good, than it's fine to do while pregnant. I nearly ripped my doctor's head off when, at my appointment, she recommend that if I exercise, I keep my heart rate under 120 bpm. It's reassuring to know that in 1985, the recommended heart rate was 140-160. And in 1994, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology threw out the heart rate recommendation for pregnant runners altogether. So, depending how you look at it, my doctor is possible only 15 years out of touch or possible 24 years out of touch. Joy.

If it were anyone else, I would recommend looking for another doctor. However, I figure I'm 95% done with my MS in Exercise Science so I'll stick to my specialty and monitor my own fitness program and my Dr. can stick to her specialty and hopefully get this little one to stay and grow in my slightly unwelcome body.

No, I'm not dying

If you saw me taking my nightly medicine, you might think I was dying of some dread incurable disease. But, I'm not. In fact, I've never felt better! I like my body a lot (thanks Mom and Dad). However, my body is slightly unwelcoming to small visitors of the human baby variety. Each night I take 11 pills...yes, 11. I also take a sublingual dose of another medicine. And once a week, I have to get a shot in the ass of progesterone. All in hopes of making my body a nice place to raise a little least for 10 months or so.

The progesterone shots are perhaps the worst of the whole bunch. At my first doctor appointment, Dr. Bailey recommended I "take progesterone". I'm fairly knowledgeable about medicines and knew that it is common to get progesterone suppositories (messy, but easy). So I agreed. A few minutes later, a nurse walked in a needle. It was the biggest needle I had ever seen (including those used in my Blood and Guts shows I love to watch). The nurse instructed me to drop my flight suit...then she peformed what I believe was equivalent to an Olympic javelin throw to ensure the needle penetrated all layers of my butt and hit bone. Eric literally yelled when she gave me the shot. I immediately resolved to purchase JLo's booty workout video to try to beef up the injection site before next time.

I also limped for 2 days after the shot. Thank goodness I have a whole 5 days to recover before the next one.