Saturday, November 28, 2009

Symptoms kicking in?

This may finally be pregnancy symptoms kicking in...I tried to run on the treadmill today and had to stop and pee every 1/2 mile...literally. I called that quits after 2 miles and 4 bathroom breaks.

I lifted weights today and tried to modify my workout to something I can maintain througout pregnancy. I cut the weights on my exercises and also dropped from 3 sets down to 2 sets. The true test will be how I feel tomorrow. It's wierd because I feel like with lifting lighter weights I'm not really doing anything but hopefully there was some value.

I tried to finish the workout by running another mile but I had some SI pain. It feels like something is out of line down there. Maybe the pregnancy hormones are already relaxing the joint? I moved to the elliptical instead and that was fine.

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