Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Runner, heal thyself

Almost overnight, I can run again! I ran 4 miles the other day with Emmett in his BOB. The weather here was amazing and it was so nice to run around the lake. I averaged 10 mins/mile pushing the stroller...not too shabby.

Thank goodness I did all the walking I did, because when my body was ready, I literally just jumped back into it (4 miles). I was a little stiff the next day but nothing too bad. As it stands, I have only been able to work out about once every three days (juggling work, baby and school). But I don't think that's a bad thing while my body gets back into shape. I think my tailbone is healed although it still bothers me when I work a 12 hour shift. I'm going to see a physical therapist soon for the other damage (which has improved too.) Honestly, I have resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to get back into shape or run much more than 5 miles before December when I quit my job. Life is just a little crazy.

I have dropped 1 pants size despite eating junk for the past two weeks. Sorry Weight Watchers. I haven't been able to make any of the meetings as my hours are crazy. Also, weird hours = weird food in the middle of the night. Really, am I'm going to eat a salad at 3am? No. I think running around like a crazy person is as effective as counting every morsel of food that goes into my mouth. I'm still hovering about 11 lbs over pre-preg weight. I never thought it would be this tough.

In Baby news, Emmett is a rock star sleeper!!! He slept for 8 1/2 hours straight last night. I love my boy. He continues to be really easy going. He smiles and laughs and screams a lot (joyful screaming). He is holding his head up really well and likes to stand. He sucks at tummy time...oh well, can't have it all.

So far, I have been able to keep up with my little eater's demands. When I worked 12 hours on Sunday, the kid ate 15 ounces with his dad!! That's a lot!! But I pumped 16 ounces at work. So I won...but barely. Pumping is not so fun and sometimes it's hard for me to fit in all the pumps I need to at work. But I have this "thing" about giving Emmett exclusively my milk. I think it helps alleviate the guilt I feel about putting him in daycare. It's like I can "prove" my love to him by pumping or something...haha. Also, there's a sort of challenge to pumping. It's not easy and therefore it's like a competitive thing (with myself) to see if I can do it.

As much as I hate pumping, I love breastfeeding (and never thought I would.) It's super easy, clean, and portable. When I'm home with Emmett, I never have to wash bottles. I never have to worry when I'm out and about with him if I brought enough milk. He doesn't get milk all over his outfits (like he does with the bottle). Oh, did I mention I never have to wash bottles? haha.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I'm practicing for my new job

I'm at home today with my little one. I finally got certified in my job and have started my crazy rotating shift schedule. The good news is that I have random days off during the week like today. The downside is I'm working 12 hour shifts starting this weekend (and some night shifts too.) I predict I may lose my mind in the next 3 months...but this is only temporary. Nothing bad will happen in 3 months if we wear dirty clothes and eat french fries everyday.

It's a good thing I'm home today because I have to train to be a stay-at-home mom. I just hope my husband will "hire" me in a few months when I quit my job. I'm not sure I have enough experience though... I wonder if there will be some sort of certification test before I'm hired full time. Maybe I will have to demonstrate how to operate the washer and dryer and dishwasher. I may have to construct a shopping list and execute grocery shopping. The most difficult task will be cooking a meal that was not originally frozen. You may laugh, but I'm TERRIBLE at all the above tasks. Eric and I joke that we both suspect the "wrong person" is quitting their job to stay with Emmett. Eric excells at household tasks while I'm a miserable failure.

Baby news: Emmett is a rock star at daycare. I'm secretly pleased that everyone at daycare loves him and thinks he's cute. Maybe his teachers will give him a few extra cuddles. We had a minor bump in the road this week. Emmett got a cold from his first week in daycare. The cold wouldn't have been a big deal except then he went on bottle strike because he didn't feel very well. I let Dad fight that one out....Dad finally won, thank goodness.

Big news: I fit into my pre-pregnany jeans for the first time!!!
Bad news: The jeans appear to be painted on me and definitely accentuate my muffin top. I will need to chose strategic tops to wear with the jeans.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ok, Ok...I take it back

Metro community college.....I apologize that I ever laughed in your general direction or made fun of any community college at any time...ever. You are kicking my arse. I have been doing homework for 12 straight hours today. I believe that is more than I ever studied in either my undergrad or for my masters (except for that one time when I wrote a 20 page paper in one day).

For Christmas, I would like a Metropolitan Community College T-shirt. Respect.

I would also like to pass on some general advice to anyone that cares. Working full time + taking classes + caring for an infant + pumping in off time to feed said infant is a little ambitious. To accomplish this feat, I have made several sacrifices. 1) I have given up working out 2) I have given up Weight Watchers (for this week) and have lived almost entirely on french fries 3) I have given up cleaning the house and 4) I have given up sleep.