Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Itching to start working out again

The end is in sight for me! The end of my varying hours full-time job is in sight.

I ran 3 miles the other day (first time working out in months!) and felt pretty good. It was the first time since pregnancy/delivering that I didn't feel like my body wasn't my own. I have no clue what pace I was running at but at least I was running. I do know that I absolutely cannot run faster than what I was running at. My body only has 1 speed right now.

My "new gym" opens the day after Christmas and comes complete with a super-duper daycare! I have no excuses now. Lately, Emmett has hollered his little head off whenever I try to do P90x. And, it's been a little too cold to take him outside running. (or maybe I'm just overprotective).

I'm really fired up to get back in the groove. Not only will I be able to work out during the day, but I can also work out at night at my job (teaching people how to be personal trainers.) Pretty much, I can just think about fitness all day long, haha. I'm also thinking the more time Emmett and I can stay out of the house, the less dirty it will be!

I am tentatively planning a half marathon in April!