Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where did the running go?

I'm sad to report that running did not really happen this week. Exhaustion kicked in and knocked me off my feet. I really only felt it in the was impossible to get out of bed. Better luck to next week on the running front.

I did manage to do a P90X workout at the house one day...I did the YogaX which kicked my butt. My hamstrings and shoulders were so sore that I couldn't move from days.

Eric and I have our second ultrasound coming up on Thursday. I'm very nervous about it. I'll be almost 11 weeks which is exactly when we found out there was no heartbeat on our last pregnancy. I'm packed on a solid 3 pounds and defnitely look like I have a beer gut. I hope there is actually a baby in there and it's not just me pigging out.

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