Monday, December 14, 2009

Mid December's workouts

Sunday, 13 December: I'm exactly 11 weeks today. I ran 5 miles (split it up between the indoor track and treadmill). My SI joint was hurting and my pelvis felt like it was out of way. When I did "twisters" on the stretching mat, my lower back/pelvis was popping loudly and then it would feel better for a bit. I know my pelvis tilts up a little higher on one side versus the other...I may need to keep an eye on this.

Monday, 14 Dec: Yuck...I felt gross...and tired from a long day at work. I did 10 mins on the elliptical, 10 mins running and 10 mins walking at 8% incline (4 mph).

In other news, I need new sports bras. I'm not very big on top and usually any old crappy bra will work. Now, I'm just a little too sore to wear the crappy bras. Whenever I wear one to the gym, I make myself throw it away before I leave so I don't bring it back home again!

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