Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowboarding to ring in the 2nd trimester!

We went to Big Sky resort (in Montana) this past weekend. I was exactly 12 weeks on Sunday. I snow boarded 2 days in a row all the time laughing about how I hope to tell my future son/daughter that they have been hitting the slopes since they were a few inches big!

I was really surprised that my balance was not affected at all. A lot of people have said that's one of the first things they notice.

In other news, our close friends who were sharing a condo with us discovered our "secret" this weekend. They told us bluntly they had never seen me go so long without a drink!! haha. So a few friends know....we are planning to tell the Families on Christmas. We are still trying to think of a fun way to announce it.

I still have zero symptoms as I move into my second trimester. No weight gain, no morning sickness....nothing. I could seriously be one of those women on TLC's "I didn't know I was Pregnant"!!!!! Hopefully I'll at least show at some point (unlike the TLC women).

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