Thursday, November 26, 2009

No, I'm not dying

If you saw me taking my nightly medicine, you might think I was dying of some dread incurable disease. But, I'm not. In fact, I've never felt better! I like my body a lot (thanks Mom and Dad). However, my body is slightly unwelcoming to small visitors of the human baby variety. Each night I take 11 pills...yes, 11. I also take a sublingual dose of another medicine. And once a week, I have to get a shot in the ass of progesterone. All in hopes of making my body a nice place to raise a little least for 10 months or so.

The progesterone shots are perhaps the worst of the whole bunch. At my first doctor appointment, Dr. Bailey recommended I "take progesterone". I'm fairly knowledgeable about medicines and knew that it is common to get progesterone suppositories (messy, but easy). So I agreed. A few minutes later, a nurse walked in a needle. It was the biggest needle I had ever seen (including those used in my Blood and Guts shows I love to watch). The nurse instructed me to drop my flight suit...then she peformed what I believe was equivalent to an Olympic javelin throw to ensure the needle penetrated all layers of my butt and hit bone. Eric literally yelled when she gave me the shot. I immediately resolved to purchase JLo's booty workout video to try to beef up the injection site before next time.

I also limped for 2 days after the shot. Thank goodness I have a whole 5 days to recover before the next one.

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