Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot and windy

It was 87 degrees today here in Omaha! Beautiful (besides the hurricane force winds) but a little too hot for the pregnant runner. I had to wait until 6:30pm or so to run when a front started to move in and the temps dropped to about 70. How am I going to keep running if this summer is a hot one? It would be so nice to have a treadmill in an air conditioned basement…oh wait, I had one…and the movers broke it. I’m not an early morning person, but that may be my only option. (Normally I love running in the heat, but it’s a no-no for preggos).

3.72 miles today in 40 minutes. That’s a smokin’ speed of 5.5 mph or 10:55 mins/mile. You may be thinking you could walk that fast…and you are probably right. But please give me some credit for the 20 mph winds and the hills.

I think my little “group” is quite the spectacle on the lake run. Picture this: 1 fat, pregnant girl decked out in spandex. Why the hell would anyone market spandex to a pregnant chic, let alone why would any pregnant chic wear it? After quite a few painful runs, I discovered the awful truth….chaffing. I chaffed on nearly every part of my body that loose clothing was rubbing. It may be because your sweat is different or you just sweat a lot. It’s probably really because chunky thighs and arms are rubbing together. Either way, it hurts and I have embraced the spandex. (I also make sure to swing by the Wal-Mart post run because I just feel I fit in there.)

Anyway, pregnant spandex girl is dragging a fat golden retriever on a leash. The golden retriever always looks like she is being abused because she waddles a few feet behind me and sticks her tongue out and looks very pained. Then, Eric accompanies me on the bike to be my “camel” for water and to supervise me. So yes, basically it looks like Eric is forcing both the pregnant chic and the fat dog to run while he is peddling very very very slowly on his bike. I can only imagine what other walkers/runners think.

Also, although I’m happy for Eric’s company and feel “safer” somehow that he is supervising my runs, I’m not exactly sure what our plan would be if something happened, ie I went into labor 3 miles from the house. There are a few possibilities:
1) Eric could ride for help and leave me laboring somewhere on the trail with only my golden retriever to keep me company
2) I could try to ride the bike in labor 3 miles home while Eric runs beside me with the dog. However, Eric has only biking shoes (the clip in kind) and I have no clips. So I won’t be able to peddle and he won’t be able to run
3) We send Charley for help while I labor on the trail and Eric practices his wheelies around me to keep me entertained.

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