Saturday, April 10, 2010

7 miles at 28 weeks!

Wonderful run this morning!! Eric and I and the Pup checked out a new trail in Omaha...Zarinsky lake (sp?). It was a cool and breezy morning. I planned to do 4 miles originally, but I felt wonderful out there so I kept going. Breathing was wasn't stabbing me in the bladder and my calf didn't hurt at all.

Eric ran ahead with a friend and I took my time with Pup. We finished 7 miles! I used my Droid app "Buddy Runner" to get a guess on pace. Looks like I was averaging 10:30-11:00 mins per mile. Not too bad for the longer distance. I felt really good when I finished too.

With a few exceptions, no matter how "blah" I feel before the run, I feel much better after. I think I'm going to try to keep scheduling a longer run on Saturdays.

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