Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ye of little faith...

I'm back to it with a vengeance. I knocked out 4.33 miles today...running! Aside from 2 bathroom breaks, I did the whole route without missing a beat.

Things I've learned:

1) Temperature makes a HUGE difference, not a small difference to a pregnant runner. It was about 65 degrees today (compared to 80 degrees on previous days)

2) I am not going to run with Eric anymore. It's official...for the first time ever I am annoucing that I am SLOWER than my husband. I am trying to embrace and love my new running pace. I think, when I run with Eric, even if he tries to go slow, I try to push myself to keep up with him. Also, I think that my pace varies a lot since I have been pregnant. I naturally slow down when Emmett starts moving around and pick it up when I feel better.

3) The maternity support belt works and helps! (Courtesy of Motherhood maternity). I will try not to forget it.

4) I hate carrying the silly camelback with water but that makes a difference as well.

5) Sleep is crucial. I try to be "cool" and stay up till all hours of the night like I previously did...but when you're pregnant, you just don't recover from workouts as well as before. I can't workout day after day and survive on 6 hours of sleep. So, if I am going to continue to be serious about running, I have to go to bed earlier.

6) My brand new neon yellow Bob Ironman running stroller that is sitting by the door right now inspires me to run. (Hey, I don't want to disrespect the stroller by running slowly with it when Emmett comes!)

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