Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No good lousy miserable day

I really could have done without today (Wednesday). Maybe I could have jumped right from Tuesday to Thursday. I have been sick for 5 very long days. It's frustrating because I NEVER get sick....or, on the very rare occasions when I do, I will be sick for exactly 1.5 days and then be better. So, I blame the 5 day sickness on the pregnancy. I feel like I can't breathe because I have a super cough and a head cold.

It rained all day and was damp and chilly. I was ticked off because I don't have any proper outerwear for my uniforms since I've been pregnant. All of my flight jackets are very small and I can't zip them around my belly. And, I refuse to buy a $179 jacket so I can wear it all of 3 times during the last trimester of my pregnancy. And so, I'm just cold and miserable.

For some reason, I also felt the need to run today. Well, actually, I wanted to lay on the couch but Eric "encouraged" me out the door. And by "encouraged" I mean he was counting backwards from 5 at one point like I was a bad child (he was previously instructed to do this when I couldn't get myself out the door). So, then I ran 4 miserable, cold, windy miles. Why? I have no answer for this. Usually, once I get going, I feel great by about .5 miles into the run. Today, I wanted to throw myself in the icy lake from approximately mile 1-mile 4.

I also asked Eric if "this" was what he felt like when he ran....heels hurt, feet hurt, feels like I can't breathe. He said 'yes' and that's why he doesn't like running. I think I finally understand why running is hard. I would never voluntarily run if it hurt like this everyday!

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