Monday, April 26, 2010

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I was feeling adventurous today and decided to try out water aerobics class! It was a bit of struggle to find something to wear to class...I figured they would not appreciate me skinny dipping. My "go to" workout Speedo swimsuit did not cut it. I went through about 3 different bikinis before I finally settled on one I thought would work.

Well, the suit didn't work so much. Luckily for the other class participants I don't think I over exposed any body parts...haha. I'm going to venture to Target tomorrow and Motherhood maternity to see what hideous sheaths of spandex they are offering pregnant ladies. Wish me luck.

The water aerobics class was fairly intense! But, I felt like I could do 90% of it and it was much easier on my legs and feet (than running). It's definitely a cool feeling to feel almost weightless at 30 weeks+ pregnant. Class was an hour and I'm sore now!

I may try to go early and do some water running before next class.

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