Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby appointment

I had another baby appointment today. It's hard to believe that I will see my midwives every 2 weeks now! Baby Emmett is doing well...heartbeat sounded great and he was kicking up a storm, out of my right side actually. I met the 2nd of 5 midwives in the practice and she seemed really nice. I LOVE that the midwives are all about natural birth, an active birth, a non-intervention birth. The lady today told me that they would never "pity me" and tell me I looked like I was in pain. I think that's hard core.

Ran 2.75 miles today and felt great! I felt like I was actually going at a pretty good pace too. I would have run farther but poor Eric has some wicked shin we had to stop and walk home (after the 2.75 miles). The weather is fabulous here. I never want to leave.

In other baby related news, I have been seeing a chiropractor for my back pain. I found out that my insurance covers it so why the hell not? It seems a little strange to me right now but I'm willing to be open minded and try this alternative treatment.

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