Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd Trimester!

This pregnancy has really gone by fast. I feel like I'm only just starting to feel "pregnant" and as of today, I'm starting the last trimester.

I'm happy to report that I'm finally showing enough in my work uniform that people who don't know me can tell I'm pregnant. I was wondering if that day would ever come. Eric sent me a text the other day when I was leaving work begging me for some MGD Light...his drink of choice at the moment (he believes he is dieting by drinking MDG Light). So, I swung by the Shopette after work and picked up a case (yes, in uniform). The checkout line was kinda long so I was kicking the case along with my feet. When I got to the checkout, the Major behind me picked up my case of beer and put it on the counter and remarked loudly "I just wanted to help the pregnant girl with her beer". The entire line was cracking up. He went on to say "watching this is like watching a bad safety video" (if you are in the military, you will understand this reference). I told him I was trying to keep my baby weight in check with the Light variety.

Am I the coolest wife or what to keep on supporting Eric's drinking habits? I wish I could say that beer tastes or smells bad to me while pregnant (some of my friends have reported this phenomenom) such luck for me. I steal a sip once in a while of Eric's beer and it still pretty much tastes amazing!

27 week status/workout:
Total weight gain - Still holding at 16-17 lbs depending on the day.

Workout today: Ran a 5K (3.1 miles) with Eric and the dog. The weather was amazing!! 62 degrees is my perfect running temperature. Also, I ran the whole way (no stretching, bathroom or other mis stops). I was running about 10:30mins per mile or so.

Then I came home and got my "home gym" setup and lifted for about 30-40 mins. The total time is deceptive because I am taking longer breaks between sets these days. Here's what I did:
3 x15 bench press on stability ball (30 lbs)
3 x 15 crunches on stability ball
3 x 15 squats (30 lbs)
3 x 15 bent over rows (15 lbs in each hand)
core exercise on hands and knees...raise 1 arm/opposite leg and hold...10 on each side
side leg raises, 15 each side
3 x 10 military overhead press (30 lbs)
3 x 15 wide leg squats, 15 lbs
3 x 10 tricep extension (overhead, 15 lbs)


  1. I finally created an acct, so I can respond rather than just lurk. I can totally picture the shopette scene in my head, and it makes me laugh!

  2. (btw, it's Nicole from the JM boards:)