Monday, March 22, 2010

It's starting to hurt!!!

No! I'm so close to the third trimester, I can see it just around the corner. I was hoping to keep running comfortably until at least then (and secretly hoping to be one of those Olympian types that wins a 10K while 8 months pregnant). But today, I hurt during my run.

Little Emmett was testing my bladder control ability as he insisted on sitting right on it for the whole 4 mile run. Eric and the dog and I ran was fairly nice. I love running outside, however, the bathrooms are few and far between. I had to run into a gas station about 1.5 miles in. Even after my break, my bladder was screaming the whole run. I was definitely reduced to the shuffle-step gait too.

I hope today was just an "off" day and I will feel better tomorrow. I plan to start going to some spinning classes though, just in case the continued running does not agree with me and Emmett.

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