Monday, March 29, 2010

Lake run

Eric, Charley the dog and I ran from the house to the lake and did the trail loop. I love it here! First, the weather was beautiful...sunny and 65 degrees...and our house is exactly .5 miles from an awesome running trail.

4.33 miles total...I probably ran at least 3.5 miles of that and we walked the other parts. I felt kinda slow today and took a couple of walking breaks whenever I got a cramp. Emmett likes to hang out on my right side and push his little body out when I run...which I of course appreciate. If I stop and poke him a bit, he usually moves back "inside".

Though the cardio is going well, I have been neglecting the weights. My goal for this week is to lift at least 2 times.

Also, I put a bid in on a Bob Ironman running stroller on Ebay! Fingers crossed for us on that one.

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