Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Super Sweet 16

I'm 24 weeks and 5 days today....and have gained a whopping 16 lbs. I think I will NOT stay under my stated goal of 25lbs gained for this pregnancy. Oh well. I will say, that I feel suprisingly good and not like what I imagined gaining 16 lbs would feel like. Pretty much, it's all in my belly and boobs...although Eric took the opportunity to inform me that my face was slightly fatter today. (Thanks Eric. At least I know he's honest) I'm OK with baby weight as long as that is what it sneaky weight gain in my arms or legs or anything....haha.

I think I did feel all 16 lbs of baby weight on my run today. This is the worst I have felt so far...I only felt bad for the first 1/2 though. I did 4 miles outside with the dog. The weather was fabulous. I think I was holding steady at 10 mins/mile (I think)...pure guesstimate. My left foot and lower leg hurt. It felt like my poor foot was flattening out (I imagine the foot does not appreciate the baby weight). But after 2 miles out, I felt 10 xs better on the way back. In fact, in the last mile I felt downright speedy. The run had a few hills and stairs in it so hopefully got a decent workout.

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