Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I am motivated to run

I am a very bad person....yes, it's true. Try not to judge too harshly as I explain my motivation to run. (I want the record to show that I generally enjoy running and have other movtivations to run BESIDES the one I am about to reveal....but today, this was my motivation).

I am horrified by the seemingly common trend of pregnant women "letting themselves go" and eating whatever they want and doing whatever they want to their bodies. I believe, it's already hard enough on your body to make and carry a child....why should we be extra mean to ourselves and trash our bodies. I am very disturbed that gaining 40, 50, 60 + lbs seems to be the new norm in pregnancy weight gain. As a society we are WAY overfed and very underexercised. And so I run. And I also try to watch what I eat. And yes, I do both while pregnant.

Anyway, to wrap up a long story, I was going to work out today no matter what. We were somewhere in South Dakota at a hotel. My first clue that it was going to be an interesting workout was my room key did not let me in the gym. In fact, the card key did not work at all. The girl at the desk had to get a no-kidding key to let me in...at which point she confided to me that she had never seen anyone use the gym. Great.

So, I get on the treadmill and try to do my 5 min warmup walk. When I get to a comfortable walking pace, I look down and see the treadmill says it's going 8.0mph. If you have ever run on a treadmill, you will know that 8.0mph is pretty fast and NOT a walking pace. Clearly, the treadmill is well calibrated.

Suddenly, the display goes out. I now have no indication of time, speed, or incline.

Finally, I realize that every time I touch a button on the treadmill, the stupid thing shocks the sh&* out of me! That hurts.

No matter...like I said...this workout was going to happen. I cranked up the incline and speed as much as I good and ended up doing some light jogging for 30 mins or so. I hope I went about 3 miles. Wish me better luck at our next hotel tomorrow.


  1. You are my inspiration to keep running! I've been an avid runner since H.S. and hope to continue through this pregnancy. (5th pregnancy, hopefully 4th baby) I'm only about 8 weeks and finding it hard to keep motivated. I have managed to maintain my 3-5 mile runs so far.

  2. You rock!!! I love to hear about other pregnant women running. Yesterday, I went to an aerobics class and there were 2 other pregnant women in the class! That got me motivated too! It's a revolution.