Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is a little crazy right now!

I'm officially in a new state, new job and starting to figure out my new life. We are still living in temporary lodging and I'm counting the days until we can move into our new house!!! (I have still only seen the outside of the house....Eric picked it out). I'm very excited to report there is a lake with a 5K trail around it just down the street! And there is a playground at the end of the street which I imagine we will use someday!

I ran 3 miles with Eric yesterday (and Charley the dog). It was kinda cold and murky outside but ended up being perfect temperature for me and my built in heater. It was the first time I ran with the maternity support belt and liked the way it felt.

Today, I did a circuit training class at my new gym. It was an hour long workout with different stations and you did each station for a minute. Good workout. Also, our new gym has a .4 mile indoor track which will be wonderful on cold days. I did 2 laps on that track just to check out the new place.

In other news, I'm officially 24+ weeks! I can't believe I can tell people I'm "6 months" when they ask how far along I am. 6 months...really? Pregnancy has been a breeze in all honesty. I hope my good luck continues. My only complaint thus far is I'm starting to get some heartburn. I can't blame the heartburn entirely on pregnancy though. I haven't been eating the greatest while we have moved. Soda and chocolate and fast food....surprise, surprise...those are all 'trigger' foods for heartburn! The heartburn hurts enough to encourage me to change my diet!

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