Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come out and play Emmett

No matter how much your logical side tries to prepare you that your baby might be overdue, you are always going to be disappointed when your due date comes and goes. The 4th of July (Emmett's due date) was a tough one for me. I didn't have any labor signs so it was the first day that I truly realized "I might have a ways to go".

Workout-wise....I took the 4th of July off.

Yesterday, I walked 4.33 miles with Pup. I just plain didn't feel like running....so I didn't. My hips have been hurting a little bit and I have pain down my thighs as well. I don't think it hurts enough to stop me from running...mostly it just feels wierd.

I'm still contemplating today's workout. Intervals? Hill repeats? Kidding! (maybe).

Also, I fear I may be one of those women who have long long drawn out labors. I've been noticing contractions since late Sunday night. But they are nothing I would count as "real". Just annoying.

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