Sunday, July 11, 2010

The long road to recovery

Emmett Michael arrived Thursday morning, July 8th at 9:05am. It was a very long, hard labor. I am still piecing together his birth story through the fog of my memory. I will post it soon.

Anyway, I'm a physically wrecked. I never anticipated my body would feel quite this bad. Every muscle in my body feels like it's "pulled". I'm not really standing up too straight right now either.

Today, I put Emmett in the stroller and shuffled one time around the block. It's unreal how slow I am feet just barely scraping along the sidewalk. It took a lot of effort just to move forward. I felt like I had to get out there to prove that I am still alive. I was spent by the time I made it back to the house. I think it's going to be a long slow road to recovery.


  1. So happy Emmett arrived safe and sound! Congrats!! I can't imagine what the recovery will be like but you will get through it. You will get back to the person who ran through the entire pregnancy. And when you do you will get to run with little Emmett along for the ride. Can't wait to see pictures of your miracle!

  2. it is amazing what pregnancy/birth can do to your body. i remember walking like a hunchback for a while...but it's also AMAZING that our bodies can do what they do, and that's what i tried to focus on. and you know that little emmett is so totally worth all of that effort/pain/exhaustion.