Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huge milestone!!!

I have been walking almost every day, probably averaging a mile to 2 miles. Well, today, I went 3 miles!!! This is a huge victory for me. I feel almost like a normal person walking around. Almost.

I took Emmett in his BOB and Charley on her leash. Emmett loves the stroller and falls asleep right away in least I am gifted that small pleasure for all the running I did when he was in my tummy. It will still be a long, long time before I can run...but for now, I am thankful I can walk some amount of mileage. My tailbone still feels sore, but it is much better than last week. I am concluding that I did NOT break it (which is reassuring).

I did all the post-partum ab exercises from Dr. Oz's "You Having a Baby" book. Despite the fact that I'm not losing weight, my stomach is getting flatter. Still holding strong at 13lbs over pre-pregnancy weight.

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