Monday, July 19, 2010

Small victory

I made it 3 times around the block today! This is the first time I haven't feel crazy pain when walking. I still feel sore in my pelvis area...especially in/around the tailbone. But the soreness is not too bad. My legs still aren't quite moving the way they usually do...maybe my pelvis is still stretched out or out of whack?

Little Baby Cakes didn't allow me to do any of my ab exercises so I will do them and detail those tomorrow.

I'm still 13 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I imagine that number is not going to budge until I can reasonably move my body again.


  1. you will drop that 13 lbs so fast! i gained 46 pounds (despite walking 4 miles a day during pregnancy!) and was still up 30 lbs the day we left the hospital but had lost another 10 just by the next week. it will come off fast bc of breastfeeding! plus, they always say 9 months on, 9 months off :)

  2. Hey Liz! Hope you guys are well, Emmett is adorable! I just ran across your blog and am very impressed you ran your whole pregancy! Between the puking and sleeping, I barely had time to fit in a walk here and there! :)

    Anyway, having had two babies, what you are describing is far from "normal". As they say, everyone is different. But this far postpartum you should not be in this much pain! You poor thing. Hope you start to feel better soon! And Congrats again!