Friday, July 30, 2010

All about Emmett

Today: walked 4.5 miles!

We interrupt this reguarly scheduled broadcast on whining about not running to update you on Emmett.

Emmett is 3 weeks old! Even though it's only be 3 weeks, I feel like he has lived with us forever. Emmett continues to be a very easy going baby. He is definitely hitting his 3 week growth spurt and has been cluster feeding like a champ, but I think that's harder on me than on him. Yesterday, I felt like I had a leech on my body. But, I can't complain...even though he's hungry all the time right now, my body is keeping up with his demand and he latches well. We have mastered the breastfeeding in public too which is usually a big hurdle. (I think it helps when you are not a modest person. Heck, I used to run 10K races in underwear. Well, OK, I may have done a few naked runs in college as well.) So, I don't really care about feeding my kid wherever....I use the nursing cover more for other people's comfort.

The little tyke has been sleeping well (except for these last 2 nights). Normally, we just swaddle him and toss him in bed and he's good to go. He's been a little fussy for the past 2 nights, but again, nothing too killer. We can usually get him settled down within the hour. The kid is definitely used to lots of motion (courtesy of all my pregnant running.) He settles down right away if you walk with him or he rides in the stroller/car.

Emmett is porking up like a champ. I am a little concerned about his double chin......(kidding!)

Emmett was quite the little soccer player when he was in my tummy...and he continues to thrash his legs now. Most newborns stay curled up when they are sleeping or hanging out...but Emmett always stretches his legs all the way out. And he likes to be upright, even though he has zero head control.

Emmett is still rocking out newborn size diapers and newborn clothes. He really is too tall for his newborn outfits, but not quite fat enough for 0-3 months clothes. I think he will be able to wear them in a few more weeks.

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