Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Inferno

Be warned...Pregnancy Brain is no joke! It can happen to you. One day you will completely lose any semblance of rational thought and find yourself steps away from the looney bin.

Today, I decided it would be perfectly fine to go for a run when I woke up. I stayed up late with Eric and some friends last night celebrating Eric's last night of drinking. I got hammered. Ok, no I didn't. He got hammered and I got "chocolate wasted". He's not allowed to drink anymore because he is on standby to drive me to the hospital at any moment. Anyway, I was up until 2am stuck somewhere between partying and dealing with some lovely Braxton Hicks contractions.

So, when I say I went for a run when I woke was 11am. Maybe I should have worried when the only descriptive terms my Droid used to forecast today's weather was "Very Hot". I found myself jogging down the street, dragging poor Charley in the baking sun, temperature was 90 degrees. Genius, Oh Pregnant Runner.

I felt that Baby Emmett was angry with me.

I ended up running 2 miles (slowly!) and walking a mile.

Will it be enough to evict the baby? Only time will tell.

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