Friday, June 25, 2010

Run, run, run!

Apparently, Eric needed a bit of an ego boost this morning. Why else would you agree to go running with a 9 month pregnant chick? I think he secretly loves that he is faster than me now. And he knows I secretly hate it. But, we pretend that we love each other and love running together! (And I have already started plotting my running come eventual goal is to beat him while pushing the running stroller.)

Anyway, Day 1 of "Operation Run Baby Out" is a bust. It's a success in that I went running, but a bust in that there's no sign of Emmett. Well, that's not quite true. I am planning to go on another walk this evening so he can still show up today. Eric officially gave Emmett the "green light" to come as he finished his Masters classes last night.

And I know I said I would only be walking in yesterday's blog...but I felt good today. If you have noticed any common theme in this Pregnancy-Running blog, it should be that my days are up and down and there is little consistency. So I'm crazy...and full term I'm going to see how many more days I can run. It's wierd to think that each run could be my last one with a 30 lbs bowling ball strapped on my stomach.

I had many things going for me this morning which made my run a success. First, I was awake at 5:30am for no apparent reason. I did have some lovely Braxton Hicks contractions for quite a while last not much sleep total. Also, it was a PERFECT 65 degrees outside this morning. And, third, I had a willing running partner....whatever his true intentions were. How could I not take advantage?

Eric and I did 3 miles! I can also truly say it was a 3 mile run (not a walk-run). I only took 2 very short walking breaks (once to walk over some rocky ground and the other to breath through a lovely contraction that hit at 2.5 miles in.). The total run took us about 35 minutes. So, I'm going to venture that I'm averaging between 10-11 mins/mile. (and the extra minutes are for the walk breaks.)

I got a lot of wierd looks, but no yelling this morning. That's because Eric looks like my bodyguard.

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