Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One sick baby

Yesterday, we faced a decision point that many working parents have to face. The kid is sick, daycare is sending him home, but both of us have to work...what do you do? I hate that in these situations, the work force seems especially unfriendly to working parents. I understand the daycare's position...who wants a sick kid infecting the rest of them? But, if the parent HAS to work, where else is the kid really supposed to go (assuming it's not severe enough to call emergency contacts). So Eric and I had to compare our jobs on the phone...whose job is more important today? Whose boss is less likely to be pissed off? I literally couldn't leave my job. I had to be in position and we didn't have any extra people to call in that day. Eric was relieving a guy who had been working all night. We eventually decided to send Eric to pick up Emmett...the guy who was working all night in Eric's shop just had to stay and work all day (Terrible!). I feel frustrated because, specifically talking about the military, I think they assume one spouse stays at home. Everyone likes to point out to me "don't worry, you are getting out of the service soon". And while I understand that may "fix" the Buss family problem, it doesn't change the larger issue.

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  1. YES! it is SO true about the military always assuming one person stays home. i don't stay home, but because i am not the military member, i am the one who always gets screwed when audrey needs to come home from daycare...always. my job is always deemed the less important one, and it SUCKS and makes me feel like the military thinks i am completely worthless.