Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Luck

Emmett has a "Bad Luck" shirt, I'm sure of it. I don't believe in luck myself so I have tried many times to test my theory of his Bad Luck shirt out. The shirt is plain and unsuspecting...a long sleeve onsie from Old Navy. It's navy blue and I love when Emmett wears it because it shows off his eyes and hair. And yet...he never seems to wear it for very long. The poor shirt has weathered too many diaper blowouts to count and numerous projectile vomiting sessions. I have never washed a shirt as often as that one (espeically considering, we rarely get out of the house with it.)

Consider the other day. Emmett had already had an "emergency" bath earlier in the morning (yes, you know what I mean.) So I thought we were safe. What a perfect day for him to wear his cute little navy blue shirt from Old Navy. I dressed him up and cooed sufficiently over him. Then I took him to daycare. And then I had to immediately change him when we got to daycare. The damn shirt wins again.

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  1. I completely subscribe to "bad luck clothing". I have a shirt I had to get rid of after I had tried in out in 3 states and two different countries. I had dubbed it the "shirt of bad decisions". It didn't matter what I had planned for the day - a tranquil trip to the farmers market followed by a quiet lunch reading at the locally owned sandwich cafe; by midnight I'd end up some place I'd never been before with 3 new BFFs, swearing that I was going to ditch my job and move to Romania. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat. Accept that you are not strong enough to ignore the Sirens and stay on course. Hopefully the rest of his wardrobe doesn't take you so perilously close to the jagged rocks.