Thursday, January 14, 2010

Up and down week

I ran 4 miles yesterday (2 on the treadmill and 2 on the indoor track). I did a few 1 minute pickups throughout. I felt really good while running but then afterwards, my arches and lower legs started hurting. I have an arch injury from indoor track in college and that arch was acting up. I'm thinking the hormones may be contributing to my ligaments and tendons stretching out in my I'm not getting the support I usually get.

I am taking today off...I have to write a paper tonight so I can go to the Rodeo tomorrow night! I'm definitely more of an opera/theater/symphony girl....but, hey, we live in Montana. We have to join in the local fun. I think I'm going to get all decked, tight jeans and some ridiculous baby doll t-shirt that barely covers my gut. I'm designated DD and don't mind at all...I'm that girl that everyone thinks is totally wasted on the dance floor when I'm really sober!

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