Friday, January 1, 2010

13 weeks, 3 days - 4 miles at the gym

13 weeks, 4 days - 3 miles running + weights. I'm pretty sore today! I guess I haven't lifted in a while but I'm def feeling it in my arms and shoulders.

Today is 1 Jan...I'm seriously lacking motivation. This is not the way to ring in the New Year! I was thinking of taking the dogs out for a walk/job but 1) it's 10 degrees outside and 2) I'm worried about the ice. Pregnancy has made me fearful of falling. Oh, and it's 10 degrees. Did I mention it's cold outside yet? I suppose if I commit to walking, I won't be as worried about slipping. But, I'm not a good walker. It just seems like such a slow way to get around. It takes forever!! But then again, my runs seem to be taking forever at this point too due to my slow pace.

Compromise solution?? Walk the dogs for 2 miles (once around the neighborhood) and then play Dance Dance Revolution??? DDR could be a little carrot to motivate me to take the dogs out. It's not that I really love the dogs, it's just that if I don't take them out to run around, they will try to play the DDR with me and it gets ridiculous and dangerous. (Also, I'm joking....I really love the dogs. And I want to be an advocate against canine obesity).

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