Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A year hiatus

In my moment of empowerment over shedding baby weight, I come crawling back to this blog.  It was more out of curiosity to remember how post partum felt after Emmett, but once here, I had to post!  I'm not sure exactly where the last year went.  If you see it, feel free to send it back to me.

I always learned you should put your main points out there right away.  So here is this main point:

No matter how active or inactive you are after having a baby, your body will pretty much stick to its own schedule to get back into shape.  Fascinating....seriously fascinating.

Post partum Emmett: Finally was able to really workout (besides walking) at about 6 months.
Post partum Ewan (Did I mention there's another kid???!!!!!): Back to running 2 weeks after delivery

Weight at 8 weeks post partum with Emmett and Ewan.....exactly the same.

Now, i'm not really being fair here.  Yes, I still have 20 lbs to lose somehow so I don't have to buy a new wardrobe, but I couldn't be happier with how my body feels post baby #2.  Night and day from Emmett's birth.  I totally get why people decide to have more children after experiencing Ewan's birth!!!

Let's recap the year and Ewan's birth:

Pregnant in the fall of 2011.  Pregnancy flew by.  Instead of focusing on running (as I had with Emmett), with this pregnancy I focused on weight lifting and circuit training and ran no more than 3 times a week.  I was doing suicides and BOSU ball jumps and pullups (modified) at 35 weeks pregnant.  My take as a personal trainer is that weigh lifting was the way to go.  Forget running.  My balance was so much better, my ability to move and run and lift things in daily life was better, my attitude was better.  When i did run, I didn't do "long runs", but instead did interval training.

That said, my second pregnancy wasn't quite as easy as #1.  Ewan found a wonderful position where he would compress a nerve down the front of my leg.  I think I also had some pubic symphysis dysfunction.  My workouts were hit or miss.  Some days I could lift and do intervals on the treadmill, other days I had trouble walking down the stairs or from my car to work.  The pain was excruciating (when Ewan hit a nerve) but would only last for a second.  But it would make me miss my step sometimes which was somewhat funny.

My water broke at 38 weeks and 2 days at home one afternoon while watching "Hutterite Colony" on National Geographic.  I didn't accept it was my water as I had no signs of labor.  About 4 hours later (after dinner of course), Eric and I head to the hospital because I am still "peeing" myself.  Doctor is not impressed.  Mini contractions (if any), baby is still a +3, not really dilated.  Together, the team makes a game plan....admit me, administer pitocin gradually throughout the night, I will labor all night and sometime the next morning work on delivering kid.

This is was really happens:
9:00pm - arrive at hospital

9-10:30pm - triage, have 11,000 people check me because they don't think my water can be broken either.  Have many residents "examine" said fluid under a microscrope.  By this point, there is no doubt in my mind or any nurses' mind that it's definitely my water that is everywhere....but I guess when you are a resident, you have to be sure.  We get admitted (same hospital room as Emmett!!!).  I send Eric home with a long list of "wants" including snacks and a different vehicle.  I play on Facebook and text and generally roll my eyes at the thought of what's sure to be another long long labor  

10:30pm - nurse comes to to start IV of pitocin. I remark "let's get this party started!"

10:45pm - The Party started.  I am doubled over clutching the bed.  Contractions are every 30 seconds (thanks, pitocin).  I'm yelling.  I top my highest known pain level.  Eric walks in and nearly walks back out (Kidding!).

11:15pm - I am yelling for an epidural.  At this point, I am still convinced I will labor all night (as we had planned!) and I am wondering what is wrong with my body because it didn't hurt this bad for the first part of labor with Emmett.

(I lose time at this point)
- I try to prevent the doctor from checking me because I am certain I am not dilated.
- I deny that I feel like pushing because I can't be that far along and where is the epidural???
- Prevent doctor again from checking me
- anesthesiologist arrives and I do a crappy job of sitting still because I am trying not to puke (hmmmm....puke?  Transition anyone?)  So epidural doesn't take at all.  Anesthesiologist kinda freaks out because I'm yelling so much and dumps local numbing agent in me which only makes 1 leg go numb.
- doctor checks me and I'm an 8 and in transition.  Oops on giving the pain meds.
- Contractions are now continuous.  Someone gets the bright idea to turn off the pitocin.

- Doctor:  Do you feel like pushing?  Me: I don't know...??? (Full on trying to fake not pushing because I think maybe the epidural will finally take)
- Doctor: Are you SURE you don't feel like pushing??  Me:  FINE

2 pushes
Ewan born at 1231am  (2 hours from start of pitocin IV if you couldn't do the math)

Easiest birth ever.  Easiest recovery ever.  Easiest baby ever.  I love him.

I only waited 2 weeks to start running again because I thought lightning bolts would shoot from the sky and knock me down if I didn't.

Anyway, I'm back and busier than ever.  I'm applying to a physical therapy program this year.  I don't think my chances are great but I'm going to try.  And I am rededicating myself to chronicling the journey back to pre pregnancy weight and getting back in shape.  We are going to Disney in November and I would love to rock a decent bikini body by then and possibly fit into some pants by the time winter rolls around.

My current plan it to try Insanity.  I have a running stroller but my old hip injury is acting up.  I miss the gym but Ewan isn't old enough to go to childcare there.  Here's to losing 20 lbs!  Cheers!

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  1. LOVE THIS! So happy you had a different experience this time around!