Friday, April 8, 2011

Just because you can wear your pre-pregnancy jeans, doesn't mean you should

I apologize this blog has been woefully neglected. It's not that I don't have things to say....maybe I'm just disheartened to share them.

Today, Emmett is 9 months old! When you are in the middle of the newborn stage, it seems like forever, but really the 9 months has gone by quick.

Although Emmett is super cool, I wrote this blog originally to try and detail running while pregnant and then getting the body back after baby. To sum it up, here's what I learned....the phrase "9 months on, 9 months off" is true. I tried my best to make myself into a case study to refute this claim, but alas I failed. In fact, my phrase might end up being more along the lines of "9 months on, never off" but I'm still going to try.

Officially, I'm about 3 lbs up from pre-pregnancy weight and I can wear 50% of my old jeans and 25% of my old shirts. But here's the reality, just because I can zip those zippers does not mean I should be waltzing down main street in those jeans. I'm not going to lie....Stacey London ("What Not to Wear") would not approve. The "Muffin Top" look is NOT in this year. The "I'm painted to your butt" look is for night time wear only. And, again, let me be honest, I can't blame the last 3 lbs I need to lose. My body is just a different shape these days.

Yes, I'm going shopping today. I tried to hold out. I squeezed in extra aerobics classes, running and weight lifting all in hopes that when Emmett turned 9 months I would suddenly look like my pre baby self. It was not to be. Don't worry, I'm not turning to Mom jeans and sweatpants yet, but my days shopping at the Buckle and buying expensive bedazzled butt pocket jeans are over.

On the running front, yes, I'm running and able to run a lot more these days. The only reminder that I had a baby (well, besides the fact that I now push a giant neon yellow stroller when I run) is that after I do a hard workout or race, I feel really achy "down there". And often I have to take a day off after a hard day because it's too uncomfortable to do anything with impact. If that symptom will be there forever, I can live with that.

What do my workouts look like now? I joined a gym in January WITH daycare (best decision ever). I made myself go to aerobics class every single day at 9:15am. That was the second best decision I made. I didn't realize how much all around strength (especially in my back, abs and arms) I had lost until then. I didn't always like the aerobics classes, but I just did them. They brought me back to the basics on strength, flexibility and balance. I believe that simply running wouldn't have done that for me.

So now, I usually try and run a few miles before class and then do the classes about 4 times a week. On one day a week, I'm doing intervals (400m - 800m...NOT fast). On Saturdays, I try to run a little bit longer. I just completed a 12K trail race last weekend and am looking to do a half marathon in May.

I will finish my Personal Trainer certification next month and also plan to go ahead and get my Group Exercise certification. I would love to specialize in pre and post natal fitness.

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